Should we separate?

  • i am with my bf for 7 months. we love each others but both of us have big temper. Not so happy these few weeks. Don't know should leave him or not.

  • how is your sex life with him?

  • fei,

    睇下你想諗既係咪將來啦...如果只係enjoy this moment..而both love each other. then you can keep continue..however, if you are thinking of future, then pls kindly consider, not waste so much time.

  • fhw,

    thanks. I want to have a future with him but i don't think he has such thought as he is a divorced man and he always said he suffered a lot in the past years and what he wants is just being happy.

  • Yes, u must break up with him.

    Come with me, I have good temper and i can conquer you. hahahaha

  • 如果自己有 big temper...


    改到.. 終身受用..

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