Watch my wife played by a stranger

  • few months ago had crazy experience and watched my wife got "played" by stranger

  • We meet this guy in a bar in LKF

  • interested to know, can you tell more?

  • then what do you feel? do you want to watch once again?

  • how u feel about it.

  • Me andmy wife was in the bar, when I went to get a drink for her....a guy approach her and start talking to her ...I saw that guy touching my wife's hips....I was a little turn on at that I just stood next to them

  • then after that? why you let that guy to go ahead?

  • The next moment, while I was standing next to the guy, the guy touched my dick. I felt so excited, his left hand touching my wife hip and his other hand touching my dick.

  • My wife looked at me and smile, she did not want me to bored them (I think she just want to show me that she is still atrratcive)....that guy start touching her hips , waists....he hands were every where of my wife, and my wife said something next to his ears ....and they went to dance...

  • mean he tough you and your wife? Did that guy knows your relationship?

  • No, the guy didn't aware of our relationship. I felt so excited and I seduced him going to hotel with me. We had gay sex the whole night and my ass was bleeding the next morning when i woke up after he was gone.

  • it looks as if you made it up more than a real story...

    you feel excited when a guy touched your dick? it only happens if you are homosexual otherwise you would have told him off...

    thanks for sharing, anyway.

  • Julie,

    Agree what you said...........

    It time to over KK, thanks for your sharing, i think you are looking for a gay sp more then that..........

  • hi julie,

    can v chat a bit here.

  • hahah, Tom,


  • well...sorry guys some guys tried to use my name I stop sharing the story , thank you

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