Any Single Girl live in Sheung Shui

  • Hi All,

    I jsut moved to Sheung Shui and would like to know some friends here

    Name: Ivan
    Sex: Male
    Height: 173CM
    Body: Slim but Strong
    Job Status: Stable - Professional Job
    Work Location: Central
    Credit Card: Only 1 with no outstanding
    Qualification: Master or above
    Age: Late 28
    Outlook: OK, not too bad but not Man enough (Quoted by my girls friend)
    Status: Single with a few good girls friend who have their own bf
    Working Hours 8:30 to 6:30 Daily
    Skin Colour: Netural (Not White or Not too dark)
    Living Environment: By Myself at Mortgaged Apartment = Finance at 80% mortage
    Requirment: Nice and Pretty Girl

  • but you are a bit short wor....shame i like tall guy

  • Yes ar, I think I am not tall enough. Howver, this is out of my control and I am happy with myself

  • good! and good luck to you la

  • To NT Friend,

    How about you? How talk are you? Anyway, r u live in Sheung Shui? I just bought here becasue of the view. And it's seem not convinence to me ar.

  • I live in fanling. I love here and i never move out since i was born.

  • So, can you introduce somthing about Fanling or Sheung Shui? Then I can go out and have a walk on tomorrow. I just moved here for about two weeks and only know Sheung Shui LandMark can eat KFC and etc And it take me 1 hr 15 mins for work law

  • then y u move in? I enjoy live here and far away from city center. I live work place separate with living place.

    sheung shui...hmmm i had my secondary school education there...a lot of memories. There is a quite nice Japanese food resturant in the Sheung Shui "old town" called 築地..sometime i go there.

  • Old Tow, u mean on the other side of Sheung Shui. I will drop down the name and may buy take away on tomorrow night. As no good to dine in by myself. Anything else? Memories? My memories are not in HK and I miss them quite a lot ar. Howver, lost contact for a while lu. It is because I fully enaged with wrok and going out with gf in past years.

  • Tomorrow night maybe a long quenue there, good luck to u!....r u new comer here? i mean

  • How can you know? Is it from the login or somthing like that.

    I rare online ga. I just come here by chance

  • hihi nicee to meet u ^^ i live in sheung shui for a long time la...

    Why do u want to live in there? But u work in Central, it seems far

  • just a feeling...i am here for a very short time...but I think i have a brief idea of who is who...

  • I just moved to here because of the view.

    When the agent show me tis apartment, the view was so attractive and that's why I moved there lor. Yes ar, It's tae me 2 and half hour for daily travel ar.

  • To NT Friend,

    Good feeling ar, so u must have a good sense too, right? So, where do u go most often. I mean where will Sheung Shui or Fanling poeple will go? Tai Po and Shatin?

  • To miu miu,

    So do u work close to Sheung Shui?

    Anyway, I think the environment is ok here. Only one think, I like watch movie and seem the closet one is in Shatin lor.

  • i work in TST, so i sxxk there often. When i am at home, i rarely out. Well, during weekend....hmmm maybe shatin, but a lot of people there.

  • Exactly, like today. I only went out to Sheung Shui Landmark to buy KFC and swim downstair and that's it. Then watch ALL TV program which recorded during weekdays ar.

  • Where do u live in sheung shui?you live alone?

    i usually go to tai po, shatin, tst and mk

    Do u have msn ? as it is difficult to chat in there,

    I work in tst, same as NT friend

  • To Miu Miu,

    Yes, I live here by myself. Close to the Hospital.

    Could we exchange msn here? Will they banned our account?

    Howvere, it's take long time go back to TST or MK, r u travel by train? Any other transportation?

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