I am 30, housewife, pregnant with 7 months.

  • I will divorce or separate with my husband soon since he stated that he doesn't love me anymore even I put any effort.

    I feel extremely depressed and anxious, hoping to find a SL to accompany and care me.

  • Need to give you money?

  • After this experience, u should rely on yourself and don't trust men easily! How about your baby?

  • hi, Penny, I am 28 man

    I know you are very depressed and need someone to rely on now.

    I hope I can help you..let me know what I can do?

  • I regret not to find job after marriage, actually we just married 1 year.

    I feel so uncomfortable , I think my baby as well.

  • hi penny, don't be sad.

  • I can understand your feeling, I hope you can go through this tough period. You have to stay strong for you and your baby at this moment.

  • Penny, i don't think this is a good timing to divorce with your husband. Did you discuss with him before?

  • dime,

    I hope someone can care and support me , I want to feel relax to wait my baby deliverey and start to develop a new relationship

  • yes, exactly. don't worry about your relationship now, let's focus on having a healthy baby sin la, we all support you no matter what ga!!

  • Chambered,

    he insists not to discuss with me anymore.Actually, he always tell lies, I don't know whether is truth or false


    I actually feel hopeless and helpless

  • Penny, I think you need a social worker instead a SL. Good luck and wish you all the best.

  • I know how it feels, your husband should not be so irrsponsible now.

    anyway, I can see you once in a while to make sure you are ok.

  • penny, 不要絕望和沮喪, 你一定要開開心心生個bb出來.

    你老公唔同你傾就算, 1個人要變的時候, 真是可以做到好絕情.

    妳要向好方面想, 不要覺得自己好差, 只是妳老公有眼無珠, 是他走寶, 不懂珍惜你.

  • Penny,

    Do u realise your problems and what u have to do? First of all, u need to be strong, healthy and happy not for yourself only, but also for the baby. If u really want someone to support and care u, u had better find some friends or help from some organisations and not SL. Don't u have friends in real life?

    I have to be honest to tell u that not a lot of men can accept women who are pregnant or have a baby. U need to focus on yourself and the baby first, not putting the focus on finding a SL or starting a new relationship. U and the baby can't count on anyone else but yourself only. Did u talk to your husband about the future of the baby?

  • they are all right, please listen to us

    it is easy to find a SL later on, but now you need to have a healthy baby first, you are affecting the baby's whole life time now.

  • Chambered,

    thanks a lot, I will also find social worker, actually I hope I can look healthier.


    I think I want to talk with you more

  • Don't let your husband be an irresponsible dad. U and the baby are protected under the law! If he really wants a divorce, make sure he pays for you and the baby's living!

  • penny, 其實你想找個sl關心自己, 我是明白你的.

    因為朋友的關心始終不及sl的關心, 因為友情跟愛情的關心是有所不同的.

    我都是過來人, 我明白點解你想找1個sl.

  • Penny, thank you, I wish to talk to you too

    Please send me an e-mail, I have to attend a meeting now, will be back


    let's chat more.

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