Sincerely looking for good manner,well-edcated gentleman, 180cm+, 35+. NO SP/ SL is welcome.

  • hi

    i'm 198cm


    1st degree in PHd

    well manner


    not sl / sp

  • Good day Kylie

    I dare say men that fits your criteria do not frequent this site, and those who does could not win your favor. See this is a board filled with men looking for free lunch, or those who do not have a decent job that require full concentration, none of these would interest you in the long run correct?

    Regarding education, I regard those who has good command of a langauge as being well educated. Look around, a thread topic that does not have any grammatical error is rare.

    Nevertheless, good luck. Fate has her funny way of working.


  • Good day V

    Thanks so much for your kind concern. ! You are absolutely right, grammatical error are always happened here.

    How about you ? How to describe yourself ?

  • grammatical errors...of course....because everyone is trying to type at 200 wpm and also chatting to many people at the same time...msn,

  • Kylie:

    I am not your target audience, for I am married and have yet to reach the age of 35.

    I am reading all these because I am looking for friends. Not for free lunch of course (nothing is free) but for communication. People could only live once, it's by making friends that bring more meaning to life.

    Sorry for being a bit long-winded there.

    Man: Good point.

  • Yeah, too many busy people around us !

  • V,

    Not at all. People chat here can make friends like you said, not only stress on target something. Agreed your point of view !

  • hi kylie

  • hmmm okie.

    It's nice to see that your thread is attracting more and more people, good thing indeed.

    So what's your story? From your requirements I persume that you are looking for potential husband?

  • V,

    It's too early to judge! Actually I prefer to make more friends or chat groups first. I quite like to make friendship and will see. It's really too early to say 'potential huaband' !!

  • agreed.

    So are you at work now? or are you at home?

    From your tone I am guessing you had studied overseas for at least a few years?

  • I'm on leave. and how about you ? working ? you seems not that busy so that you can chat around.

  • Dear Kylie and V,

    It's nice to see two nice individuals here ... may I join the chat?


  • on leave on a Monday, how nice.

    No I am not busy at the moment, I am a consultant, when no one bother me with their problems my only worries are some silly and mundane tasks

  • D, you are more than welcomed. and I am sure K would welcome you likewise.

  • V,

    How lucky you are ! No wonder get so many spare time to chat !!

  • Great ... thanks, V ...

  • Kylie, Luck could be a double edged swrod. I had been doing this fore a year now and it rapidly getting broing....

  • So D, what's your story?

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