fund portfoilo

  • Please comment my current portfolio, my contribution is $5000 and the plan is 10 years, now it has about 8 years left.

    Fidelity Fund America 20%

    Fidelity Fund Europe     20%

    HSBC GIF Chinese Equity  10%

    JF Eastern 20%

    JF India                       10%

    JF Pacific Securities Trust 20%

  • 麻麻地咋喎, 最好係HSBC GIF Chinese Equity (不過, 你係咪打錯, china先岩呀?) 但若果做china, hsbc又吾係最好喎

  • OK for long term quite balance.

    What's the performance up to now?

  • annual return about 20%

    現在agent 建議更改組合如下,可否給了我意見:

    Fidelity European Growth 15

    HSBC Chinese Equity 15

    JF Eastern 20

    JF India 10

    Baring Eastern Europe 20

    Baring Latin America 20

  • ?

  • global bull markets are not likely to last 8 yrs. I'd expect them to peak either within a year or within 2010-11. US debt bubble and real estate bubble are deflating now while US baby boomers are retiring in 2008 and peak in 2012

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