i'd like to meet a girl who's pretty, nice, smart, considerate and can communicate with... i'm 27...

  • single, decent looking, smart, romantic, have a good taste in living and with professional job... ladies please feel free to come in for a chat

    would really appreciate if you could briefly introduce yourself first, cheers!

  • can we chat? but how to do define pretty, smart ..?

  • hey! I want to chat too!! msn me? withyouforeverforever@hotmail.com

  • Hi MS,

    nice to meet you~~

    basically if you are confident enough to tell me you are pretty and smart, then I think you can't be that bad, can you?

  • can i know something about u first

  • MS,

    i think i've quite a good intro in my topic... please feel free to ask me anything... but i dun prefer to disclose personal info here...

    btw, i saw you in other thread saying that there's no gd man here... so do you think i'm a bad man too? if so why would you like to talk to a bad man?

  • your topic is posted to 'meet' girls only, for me, chatting or meeting is fine but in fact, i had bad experience b4

  • there's always good and bad experience, that's life...

    how bad was it? would you mind to share?

  • i dont know how to explain, the feeling is bad, i was in a trap, my man went away when he felt you fall into love w him, i can say 'suen' cos it was in the past but those bad experience which can make me scare w men

  • did you meet that guy here?

    well, that's really bad... i'd never do those kind of thing... i'll make everything clear in the very beginning... if we both feel comfortable, then let's move on, if not, we could just end there... simple and clear

  • stupid me, i met him in she

  • don't say that.. i'm sure there are nice guys and gals here...

  • really? i dont think gd men is available in the world, or i can say i m no luck to meet them anymore

  • it depends on how you define good men... it's not easy to find the right guy... so in the mean time, just try to meet more... if you don't try you'll never find one

  • i understand, but it's really difficult for me to start w men, when v close w him, i start to scare

  • um... just start in a frdship first, let him know you want it slowly... if he likes you, he'd be able to do that... just open yourself up a bit, ok?

  • but difficult to know guys fr my network, all get married and most of male friends are unavailable, i give up

  • just wait and see, good thing is never easy to get... how old are you?

  • same as u, for girls, start to get old

  • it's ok... wanna chat in msn?

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