skincare sample (la paire,bobbi brown,ipsa,aveda,crabtree,origins)仲有好多牌子,入黎睇下啦

  • Bobbi Brown

    moisture rich foundation SPF 15(natural shade) 5ml @5

    luminous moisturizing foundation (natural) 1.5ml @ $3

    hydrating eye cream 1.5ml @$3

    protective face lotion SPF 15 1.5ml @3


    sofina UV cut milk 4ml @$5

    la paire

    la paire cellular retexturizing booster 0.9ml @4


    jojoba oil set (body lotion and shower gel) 50ml each $30/set

    NANTUCKET bath & shower gel 200ml $80 (hotgel price $130)

    NANTUCKET bath soap @$ 20


    Aveda hair rejuvenator & Detangler 50ml @$40

    Aveda brilliant damage control 50ml @$40

    Hydrating lotion 30ml @$15


    Protective day shelter bright vision 0.3ml @$3

    Cleansing clear foam ex 2g @$3

    Dr:Ci Labo

    Aqua collagen gel 1.5g @$3

    Aqua washing foam 3g @3

    Aqua cleansing gel 3.5g @$3


    Bath &shower gel 10ml @$3


    High potency night-a-mins mineral enriched eye cream 3ml @4

    A perfect world body cleanser $3

    Never a dull moment skin brightener cleanser 50ml @$45


    email me if interested

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