• Come On ... Best Man & Woman

    BMW 1st TRY 大趴地 14th JUL 2007@ CWB 鑽石恆和廿樓

    老芝Cocktail 當茶飲

    1. Dennis 會長 2. Man Man 3. Man Man’s 令女 fd ? 4. Van Van 團長 5. Hugo 6. Candy 7. 凌 8. 8-9凌's fd 男 10.Eric 11.Nobo 12.Tammy 13.Ivan 14.14-17 Ivan's  fd 18.18-19 Emily and her GF 20.Rachel 21.星星honey 22.Hei 23.老邪 24.Nick姐25.Anson 26.Karis 27.Karis'fd 28.Ting Ting 29.29-30 A MO and mo 嫂31.Mo's fd 32.Rea 33.Joyun

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  • hoho....見到囉

  • last call.......仲有冇人呀?????keke

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