Anyone can find a pretty / handsome as a long term SP/SL here? Let's share!

  • 我男 26 歲單身174高中等身材

    Msn : 有 photo

  • not including short term or ONS

  • anyone want to talk more?

  • babe 你想搵SL/SP先?

  • 我只係想知有冇可能係度搵個 pretty / handsome... but long term 喎! or anyone can share

  • 冇人可以 share? 呢度冇 pretty and handsome 定係冇 long term?

  • HIbabe,

    I have a one long term SP before; about half to 1 year. we stop the relationship because she got marry with a rich, green head, pure man.

    She cannot let her busband find anything about her past. So we play very wild and ml many times before her marriage...... and then she cut all the contact after getting marry......I now only sometime MSN with her.......

    I have a very stable girlfirend as well.......6 years already.

    My SP is pretty or not? is a subjective question only....I think she may be more beautiful than my girlfriend.......^^

    can you share your experience?


  • henry-3p

    is your sp found here?

  • I don't have sp/sl experience but want to try try!

  • Babe

    dun expect long term here. BTW, there are some handsome/pretty human being here...:p

  • Babe,

    no, I just come here few days acutally. I also want to find a new stable SP at here.

    I met my previous SP in Bar which I went there so many years already.......


  • Babe,

    can I ask you whether you have SP now or in the past?

    can share your experience with me?


  • 唔好try啦~~~


  • kk... good option

  • Actually, i have a sl before but just for a short period. I wonder if people willing to keep his/her sl for a long period say 1 year or longer

  • keep 到十年咁又點~~~



  • My bf is a boring man. If I cannot get some fun outside, I'm quite sure I will break up with him very soon! Find sl is one of the way to maintain the relationship with my bf.

  • Babe,

    but as I know SL is different from don't have ml with your SL right?


  • Babe,

    and I think if you find a SL you must like him or have feel is it? is different from SP ga..........I and my SP is very close friend, and then will ml sometime......we will not date or hold hands on street ga.


  • if can find a suitable one..i really wanna find a stable sl..

    tell u guys..I never had a sl or sp...

  • 有幾悶~~~~~

  • babe,

    To share my experience, I had a SL relationship with a sweet attractive girl I know from here for ~10 months. I think we had the intention to keep it a long term relationship, but similar to henry's case, she met a good bf and decide to end our relationship.

    The moral is, yes, some ppl here intend to keep long term relationship, but whether we can keep it long depends greatly on external factors due to the nature of SL.

  • Since I was only with my ex-sl for a short period, we didn't ml that time. I do not mind to ml if got feeling and that's why my topic is for both sp/sl

  • babe,,..what kind of guy u prefer then?

    funny guy?

    i think the most important part is the feeling..rite?

  • 明白~~~

    你想搵返一d sweet sweet ga 感覺

  • Babe,

    I see........ so how old are you? are you open minded girl?

    do you enjoy sex or not?


  • brad

    Your past SL relationship sound great. I'm seeking this kind of SL relationship. Of course, if i decide to get married or i met a another good bf, I must give up the SL relationship.

    For me, the main requirements are the appearance and the duration. As I said before, Long term but with good appearance.

  • 我有個sp 成兩年la...

    靚唔靚就depends la..haha~

    唔係成日見..不過間唔中都會講下電話gum lo

  • i see....

    appearance ...really depends wor..haha

    are u in office now?

  • kk

    This is one of the reasons and another reason is I do not love my bf very much but no intention to end at this moment.

  • babe,

    nice to meet you!

    I'm 25, mind to talk?

  • many people will have the same feeling as you ...

    doesn't love the bf/gf very much but no point or intention to end up...

    but i am different from gf not in hk and i feel quite boring sometimes.....

  • babe~ 我單身架喎:p

  • 唔love又唔分手

  • you opened a new thread?

  • Hi babe

    i met my SL in she 10 mths ago. She's a pretty and lovely girl.

    I love both my wife and SL, any hope i can be with them both in my life

  • andy,

    you feel boring.. do u have sp/sl now?

  • babe...

    no...never up to this moment ar.

    i think quite difficult to find a gal have feeling...sigh....

    i think those guys / gals can find a sl/sp from here is quite lucky.

    or maybe they are very good while i am not..hahahah

  • yeeon

    agree 靚唔靚depends but at least 我諗要�痦晾t

  • babe.

    i dont have a sp or sl.

    Do you want to try with me?

  • am

    That's good! i hope i can meet one as yours. How u handle the two relationship? you love both ur wife and sl? If u love your wife, why find a sl?

  • LEE 層一定啦...

    so...有時真係唔鐘o的女人話男仔要高成點先考慮.....(我都明要meet min. requirement)

    即係唔會有人想見男人找女人要34D or above...


  • are really lucky to have both of them..

    hope u won't hurt either of them eventually la...

  • are really lucky to have both of them..

    hope u won't hurt either of them eventually la...

    by andy - 07/13/07 12:16

    --> Agreed too.

  • andy

    I think another thread was opened accidentally. Perhaps I click the post message icon twice. Anway, I just chat here and you can neglect another one.

  • Hi Babe,

    add my msn and check me out. have my photo there

  • ok...either thread is fine for me..

    by the way...are u working now?

    i am off today and that's why I am so free to chat..

  • seems there are some successful cases

  • babe,

    u have to face 2 diff situation, if u married and u wanna check the relationship only for some reason. u find a SL.

    for me, i don't love wife but i need sex and love from outside

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