Decent lady sincerely seek for decent gentleman 33+, 178cm+...

  • hi, lydia~

    please chat in msn

  • Would u mean to provide more info about yourself before we chat ? Thx !

  • hi Lydia,

    176cm, can be considerated?

  • Hello NC,

    May I know more info about yourself ? Like age, status. ...thx !

  • hi, i'm 33, single... i like music, sports, computer games, chatting, etc... if you've time, can we chat? my msn:

  • me ma..

    gender: male.

    age: 33

    statue: avaiable

  • Hi hello man,

    How about yr status, professional etc? If u dun mind !

  • NC,

    Regret to ask u, dun understand 'avaiable' = what ? status

    Like hello man, pls le me know a bit more about yourself ? Thx !

  • Dear all,

    I'm serious n sincerely looking for friend to communicate or even further develop. Wish u all dun mind if I ask more details about your goodself. As I'm a decent person, I would quite like to know u more from here first. Please kindly address to my topic, as I'm just a bit shorter than 178cm. Thanks in advance !

  • HI Lydia,

    I am 37 single man, but only 178cm, 65kgs, live alone,

    Like sun bath in summer, reading, ets.

    Occupation : sales & marketing manager..

    How about you ?

  • hi Lydia,

    i'm 38 married man 183cm with 168lbs.

    Can I be fd of u?

  • Hello Tom,

    Nice to receive yr reply ! Are u still busy at work ?

    You seems quite slim, may be work too hard (I guess) !

    I'm 33+, single, hobbies quite similar to u, cat lovers, fine dinning, travelling, etc.

    HR field, MNC.

  • Hi Lydia,

    yes, I am still in office..

    Actually, I am no a slim one in this height.. But I do work hard and that's why I am still single.. Haa

  • Hello Kin,

    Actually, I quite prefer to make friends with single status. In fact, your qualification is quite good. Hope u dun mind if I'm too straight forward !

  • Tom,

    Bingo, no wonder !

    So where above yr office located ? Are u the kind of person work till late n take taxi home ?

  • Hi Lydia,

    I am busy but don't like to work too late. Normally, I can go home at 6:pm but nothing to do at home..

    And I don't take calls in Sunday or 8:pm inweek days about business.

    How about you..

  • Hey Tom,

    So your lifestyle is quite normal and under yr control! I'm now having leave, that's have chance to past around. In that case, u may be very bored when u back home. Why dun u do some exercise, jogging...

  • Hi Lydia,

    I do boring in my life..

    And I don't like to do exercise or jogging in week days.. cos I cannot sleep after exercise or jogging.. haa

    How 's you leave, and how long ?

  • Hi Lydia,

    Chat in here is very inconvinence.. do you mind to chat at msn, if ok, just add me :

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