HR朋友: 覺唔覺Asst. Accountant 或以上的職位幾難請? D人唔高學歷都asking高過market price.

  • D人懶巴閉之ma!!



    有D 連CV 都作大tim!!

  • 到底現在的 AA 的人工大約多少, 同要求學歷是點

  • no matter AA or A,

    Bachelor of Accounting or ACCA completed......16-18K or can be more if higher education + ......depends on experience.

    lower qualification = lower $$

  • But Even i U gard in oversea famours U, Bachelor ofAccounting, when i work @ HK as AA, only 10K, And my friend working @ big firm, she is honor and grad in oversea 2, nearly finished CPA, she just only got 10K salary.

    Qualifed Accountant just only 16-18 or above (depends on Experience).

    But normally A just only around 20K ar.

    my boss (A) he is grad in UK and Master @ Aus, and work @ HK and AUS as well.he just only have 20K.

    How come said Bachelor of Accounting have 16-18K ar.

    i wonder know about it


  • 我做account clerk都有12k啦~

    你讀咁多書都係得10k, 我覺得你underpay 囉

  • you are underpaid la

    even a fresh grad get 10-12k la

    your boss gets 20k? I don't think he is really a "boss" or department head

    20k is only the salary range of a low to mid level accounting staff

  • oh really,

    but i got many friend only get 9k - 10K

    we just grad on Yr06

    i changed the job la

    i got 16K ( 1Yr experience)

    is it reasonable?

    my old boss, she said i got 12K when after probation is higher than others la wo. hahah maybe she cheat me.

    Clerk: how many yrs u work @ accounting field? got 12k ? very high wo

  • 我有5年經驗, 其實我人工有12K 係因為我5年內轉左3,4間公司, 轉一份就加1K左右, 加下加下咪宜家12K囉, 魚唔過塘唔肥麻^^

  • fanted,

    You're really underpaid!! maybe your company think you don't have much experience la so this is their range.

    16K is good! Accounting field esp. in commercial requires alot of experience so maybe that's why.

  • 魚唔過塘唔肥麻^^

    呢個道理, 我應該一早就明, 係我自己蠢, 依家好多人都鍾意張(紙)... 多過你D 經驗

  • for your reference, my friend graduated in a local u (not top 3), just finished all ACCA papers last December, with 5 years commercial firm experience, she changes the job frequently, and now she gets $23K as Accountant. Indeed, I don't think she is very smart and this is the market price I think.

  • 我公司個accounts clerk, 今年34喇, 只係LCC Higher, 不過得佢一個a/c, 做曬full set & budget, 佢而家都有19K呀, 其實係以前個老細比得高佢, 所以佢其實係 overpay 囉, 我覺得...

    佢打死都唔會走架喇,佢都知自己人工高, 佢D fd 都係做a/c 既, 係佢最高人工!

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