Musical Feelings: 教授鋼琴

  • 畢業於巴黎國立音樂學院鋼琴系


    Yamaha DC2 三角琴授課 (大圍區)

    本人在巴黎生活了十多年, 除了教授基本樂理知識及鋼琴正確的姿勢及技巧外,  更十分注重音樂感.

    本人認為技巧是工具, 用作音樂藝術表達. 教授學生欣賞音樂, 如何透過鋼琴舒發情感.

  • BIG LIAR!!!

  • Dear Be Honest.

    I don't know who you are or whatever your intentions are... but I want to say that what I have written above is true and there is no lies anywhere...

    If you or anybody else need more information about myself or my activity, just feel free to ask.

    Besides, it was my first post here but is it a common practice to welcom newcomers this way?

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