真係好有問題, 迷網中... 有冇 HR / 有經驗人士 可以解答 ?

  • 我履歷如下 :

    2003, polyu higher diploma design grad.

    2003.8 - 2005.8, graphic designer

    2005.11 - 2006.3, temporary graphic designer

    2006.9 - present, studying BA Language Studies in cityu.

    個人雖然自 2003 年畢業 設計系, 而且差不多做了二年多,

    但兩年多 design exp, 發現自己並非 設計 之才,

    為了令自己轉行, 今年我再次 full time 進修,

    以為讀 language 可以百搭...


    如果我希望轉行( 例如 marketing, admin, etc), 那教我如何說服其他人??

    我知道有好多人一睇我 CV, 見我之前做 designer exp., 與申請職位無關,


    雖說倘有一年才 BA 畢業, 但今年 summer period, 想搵 intern / summer job (唔係 sales, 唔係轉銷, 更唔係promoter), 而係真正俾我有實際經驗, 並非只搵錢.

    今年已經 25, 唔想再浪費時間...



  • 唔洗驚.

    我今年33. 做左4年Merchandiser, 搵緊Advertising / Marketing 工, 之前完全無做過, 膽粗粗Apply, 竟然有人 In (有一份仲係 Marketing Manager).

    你讀Language, 你應該知道你封Application Letter要好有誠意, 同埋Interview個陣要俾Interviewer 知道你對人地個行好有抱負.

    原本有人請我做Advertising, 但人工太低, 我 Turn-Down左.

    25歲...你仲可以 Sell 自己好後生...我33歲...我sell 自己能力高同識好多野 (不過有公司嫌我老).

    係就係小D Interview (同搵"本行"工比), 但擺D耐性...總算有.

  • O...yup,

    不過Merchandiser 轉做 marketing 可能易d

    如果我 design 轉其他工 例如 marketing, business related,etc.


    好多 hr / 老細唔信我有能力的

  • Marketing 都有好多 Categories.

    - Product Marketing (Retail)

    - Marketing Communication (寫 Press Release / 寫 Ad)

    - Brand Promotion

    你所指既 Business Related 都有好多行:

    - Office Administration (行政野, 大學裡面大把呢D工, 通常唔請Fresh Graudate)

    - Procurement

    - Sales (跑數)

    你肯定左(要好肯定0個隻肯定)自己做邊瓣最惦先至Sell到自已俾人. 你依家要做功課...睇下各行點operates....再sell自己俾HR,

  • 你所指的 brand managment / Marketing Communication 都清楚,

    當初做 designer 正正跟 marketing department, propduct launch event, promotion design....

    我所指的 marketing 大概係咁

  • for do you think as a sales or promotor is wasteing your time?

    It will be a fast quene to step on the management level if you are being a normal sales in a big company.

    As I am now in this stiuation.

  • 就算做 sales, 我想應該做 overseas sales 比本地 sales or promoter 更好

    如果有 junior post 我會 apply, 但大前題一定唔想係本地 / retail...

  • I have an interview this morning. It is a temporary event coordinator.

    Ha...is it difficult to find a summer job now?

    As my design exp. is not related to the post that I have applied for,

    though I wrote a good cover letter / cv with my language skill, the interviewer may think that my work exp. is not related.

    Although I try not to relate my work exp. on technical aspect, I still got a negative feedback.

    As a student in language studies, I well presented myself in the interview, but why do I get zero offer?

    I just want a summer job which can equip me with general business knowledge.

    Too bad

    Though I'm a detail-oriented and responsible person, it is difficult to get a chance in Hong Kong.

  • 唔係嗎?? 一份工就俾人打沈??

    搵"本行"工都要見5-6份啦. 可況轉行??

    依家至25, 呢世人仲有大把面色要睇呀.

  • O... yup...Little Star

    Thank you for your reply.

    It is frustrated to send application letters without any feedback.

    It is frustrated to have interview without any confirmed offer.

    However, time does fly!

    Yes, I can either have no offer or just sit at home in this summer, but one year after this summer, I will grad., will it be the same situation??

    Yes, as an adolescent must not be depressed, but depressed I'm.

    A gloomy picture still prevail in mind.

    I will try to perform well, though...

    seeking chance to change the job nature is difficult in HK.

  • why did you choose to study Language? I think this puts employer off.

  • yup...I want enrich my language skill

    and I like to analyse our language.

    Prehaps I make a wrong decision to study the BA course.

    NOW, it is difficult to change my job industry from design to the others.

    Is it difficult to convince employer to given me a chance?

  • To 迷途小羔羊,

    你記唔記得點解當初要讀Translations 呀?? 你要Improve 你個literacy skills 呀嗎. 咁咪話畀個Interviewer 聽囉.

    其他applicant有個Marketing Degree, 只代表佢地多D Interview, 唔代表佢地係Interview 0個陣會 shines. 有Marketing Degree D candidates, 掉翻轉, 英文未必會夠你好.

    你與其係度留言, 點解唔花時間寫份unique D 既application letter 同埋comprehensive D 既 resume (comprehensive in terms of your skills and expertise).

    HR 睇完你份好好心機寫既application letter, 自然大D機會call 你 Interview.

    0係 Interview 0個陣, 記得話畀Interview知 - 你Design 0個邊叻過其他marketing graduates, 你英文0個邊叻過其他marketing graduates. 呢兩樣野會幫到你做 Marketing Executive. (至於marketing knowledge, 無辦法, 真係要揸書讀下, 但你記得要同Interviewer 講, 因你"先天不足", 所以你會比其他new graduates 博命"學"同"做").

    你連個HR都說服唔到, 你點叫佢放心畀你去sell 客??

    你咁小事就frustrates, 如果到你有埋老婆仔女至中年失業 (分分鐘仲有頭外家要幫手養) - 咁咪即刻要跳樓??

    我都33, 如果我有你咁後生, 我都唔知僕左出去sell自己幾耐nar.

  • yupyup....Litle Star...

    This time...I get lost...

    Actually, I improve the cv every time when I send it to empolyers.

  • To 迷途小羔羊:

    你讀過Translation, 你應該知道Communication係雙向既.

    你每次modify你CV, 你是否肯定你寫既野一定�琝A個未來僱主所須, 定係你只係寫D你想寫既野??

  • yup...Litle Star

    I would change the CV/Letter accroding to the employers' requirement.....

    yup...I can send my CV/letter to you. You can give me a comment.

  • You may delete your pesonal details and get it delivered to bwplam@hotmail.com

    Can't promise you when I can finish my proof-reading of your CV.

  • Gess.....I am shepherd now??

  • no

    you are a reall "Litle Star"

  • u are not a real one

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