do all guys like big boobs? mine is big boobs really that important?

  • hi guys

    any guys hate big boobs but have passion on flat ones only...i wana know more abt ur thinking..

  • No For me IT IS NOT

  • so whts ur preference? slim body flat girls?

  • 點都有d會好d,雖然就唔駛太大啦

  • If you have a pretty face, I won't care about the size of your boobs.

  • p jai, u mean at least B, right?

  • io am not

    i like long leg more !!

  • pretty face? ok la...7 out of 10 guys think i m lor...i m tall..but body not so compared to top part, my bottom part is fat lor...a bit fat thighs..

  • yeah...long and slim leg is also important...A Cup is so common in HK... dont bother!!

  • sweetie, i love 高瘦平呀! 講吓你d身型呎吋係點架

  • legs..umm..the thighs are fat i think cuz my bottom part is more buggy compare to my top part. I have baby face lor. people often think i m 16, though they think I m hot somehow. I dont know. Some guys dont think I am , i guess its just cuz i m flat??!

  • i dun exactly know how tall i m...just above 167cm i guess?! flat a belly though. ass quite big. but slim arms and legs, boney shoulders, long face with baby fat. thats it!

  • 講真 有同無我都無所謂

  • is not bad .... have your bf complaint your flat??... why dont you bother it so much?

  • no-one...why said so? whts the most important then...just sex?

  • sweetie, 你好吸引我呀, 我鍾意有baby face的女仔, 可惜現實生活我偏偏識不到這類型的女仔

  • Some guys do care about tits but not all of us sweetie

  • nah, my bf did not complain at all, he loves my body so damn much. he said I m pretty and cute in the past, and now he said i m getting hotter n hotter that he cant resist everytime. But I just wonder if flat boobs have such an irresistable feelings on guys ?!I bother a bit cuz ...i girlfriends often said I am flat which they are not. But they are all fat. They always complain i m so slim n tall n stuff cuz i ate a lot..haa..

  • sweetie 我話人格同性格最重要 你信唔信?

  • sweetie babe, you describe yourself very detailedly, actually I won't mind your belly and fat thigh, as nobody is perfect. Do you have bf now? Does he complain about your boobs?

  • ai..babyface! maybe a good thing, but sometimes its just sooo annoying cuz whenever i went to arcade or jockey club , people would check my ID!!!! haha..they even suspect my age!

  • sweetie, 人那裡會十全十美, 你條件不太差巳很好了, 起碼你男朋友都喜歡, 你又何用介懷呢?

  • to be very honest to u guys, i got no girl friends at all. the so call girl friends of mine...are those only HI BYE. i m lonely all the time, i can only share my stuff with bf. so he is like my everything cuz i got no friends. so boring and lonely all the time. and he is not at the same place as I do.

    re: no one

    of cuz i do believe this. i think feelings and character of a girl is the most improtant. nowadays, so many ppl just care about sex, one nite stand, body me so unrealistic. haha..i geuss i shudnt talk about this in sex thread since ppl shud only be interested in sex here

  • sweetie, 如你不介意, 我可以做你的朋友嗎?

  • sure hello. i dun mind to make friends. but i guess im not that OPEN as some girls in the sex thread do here.

  • 又講樣野你知 我以前都有上黎搵SP 但人大左 唔再注重sex啦

    正如 HELLO講 你男友都唔介紹 你諗多都無用 不過女人就係男人話唔介紹 自已總要去介紹一番


  • of coz big boobs will make a gal much more attractive...but for a mature guy... slim long leg with good personality is much more important too!!

  • Sweetie babe, I want to be your fd too! Would you mind exchanging MSN?

  • it;s not that i dont want to make girl friends. but most of the girls dont like me i can tell for numerous reasons. well, cuz mainly is cuz of guys. but um..i can do nothing as ppl esp girls love to gossip about other girls so much, right....

    really..but sometimes i think to be realistic, if a guy loves or like a girl just cuz of her big boobs, then i feel pity for the girl whereas if i dont have big boobs n i can make a guy like or love me, this proves that he loves me is not cuz of my body??? bu might be cuz of face forget abt wht i just said..i m bullshxtting

  • sweetie babe, I fully understand that as my gf has small boobs too, that doesn't change my love on her

  • are right...if your partner give you no-complaint, then who's care!?

    sweetie babe... dont struggle for your boobs, coz already there...cannot change!!... try to make yourself be a competence gf!!

  • sweetie, take it easy. 在sex版交朋友不一定要有sex relationship的, 最緊要大家啱傾, 同你解到悶就ok啦, right?

  • zero i do not say that hello say that haha

    sweetie that means guys and gals not really care about BIG tits they love the gal or hate the gal with other reason.

  • ar ha..thx for the words guys. haa..its not that I care very much but so much ppl look like they feeel like u are too flat. cuz u know girls love to compete their body with other girls. I found it stupid cuz i guess there is endless comparision if they have to compare, body, face, brand stuff, money, whtever things they can compare. Girls just love all these useless stuff. I actualyl have a boyish if I compare my own charater to normal girls, i m quite indifferent. thats what all my guys friends said. they found i m special from girls cuz i dun act or think or do what normal girls usually do. Like crazy shopping, Heavy make up, gossip, etc.

  • 又同意hello hello你係男定女?

    係sex版唔一定為sex先交友 我都有幾個識左幾年仲有msn

  • Hey, if u guys want to chat with me, i guess i would love to leave my email only at this time. Hope you guys dont mind, cuz I usually dont disclose my msn to new people. Of cuz if we get to know more abotu each other, i would love to chat with u in msn. Hope u understand, Sam!

  • sweetie, 一山還有一山高, 總有人會好過你的, 總之你平常心對待一切啦.

    人比人, 比死人呀.

  • actually ..tell u guys sth more, me n my bf are long D ga! haha...hai mai ho dry le meeee

  • cuz u know girls love to compete their body with other girls. I DO NOT KNOW

    Girls just love all these useless stuff. I DO AGREE

    i m special from girls cuz i dun act or think or do what normal girls usually do FEW OF MY FDS ARE LIKE YOU TOO.

  • yea, thx hello! i knew that, but i m quite a pessimistic girl, I cried all the time i guess its cuz i m lonely n got no one to talk to most of the time. I feel being left out and so empty. sigh..sometimes my feelings are quite hard to describe

  • sweetie babe, sure, you don't need to disclose your msn here. You sound like a reasonable and nice gal to me. Maybe you can email or MSN me for future contact.

  • my e-mail ah! If any of u guys would like to contact me when I m not on this thread at the time, u guys can send me email laa! but better let me know who u are...telling me the nickname u left here wor. =)

  • me n my bf are long D ga!

  • btw, how old are u guys? mind to share?

  • Sam, long D is..... Long d stands for Long Distance Relatoinship. he is in Hong Kong whilst I am not. I just fly back every few months. Got it? haha

  • sweetie, 我是1個34歲男人, 可能見既野多d, 所以想野會比較你圓滑一點啦.

    我留個email address比你聯絡啦. e-mail:


  • you are Long D with ur bf? How many friends do you HAVE IN HK?

  • sweetie, the above email add is wrong.

    呢個先係真的, add:

  • in HK? um..ONE, one best friend. MO GA LA

  • You guys email me if you do wana be friends with me okie? Cuz i am kinda lazy to copy n stuff like that plus i m having an exam tmr. But now i am sooooooo lazy. its in fact midnite here.

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