Help!!! 有朋友送了一隻2歲英國短毛貓給我,它到我家後只躲在沙化底

  • 已經超過48小時没吃沒喝沒大小便,點算呀!? 

  • 我都知當貓一去到一個新既地方會好緊張,不過如果佢真係一d水都冇飲咁就好麻煩啦。因為我會驚佢唔夠水份。最好去vet到check下。

  • 水份唔夠?唔會,貓最精,口渴佢會出o黎。家下你要做最緊要係咩都唔好做,尤佢,當佢透明,你越緊張佢又越緊張。



  • Thank you everyone! I finally can't stand for that and catch it out from the sofa's gap lastnight, found that it's body was very dirty. I wipe it's body with hot towel and comb it's hairs. It looks feels better and start to eat some boiled chicken chest.... At this morning, it hide under the sofa again! But I found it ate some cat food and got VV finally !

  • 已好大進步了, 俾多少少時間佢.

  • 你唔好理佢啦!去到陌生環境仲要俾人搞呢搞路。你尤佢啦

  • maybe you can give her a box with towel to hide in there, they need to hide when in new home......or choose a room which you can close the door. She'll explore your home bit by bit when she feels more comfortable as long as there're food, water and sandbox there, it'll be fine. Some cats take longer time to adapt to new environment but don't force her to go to other living area yet...she'll be scared.

  • 我上次買左隻英短反黎...佢收埋自己三日唔飲唔食....貓仔係o甘ga la....唔駛擔心...不過妳係唔係都要張 d 食物同水放係佢附近, 慢慢就ok

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