OT: Finding Language Partner (English) (sorry, LP not SP, may not be sex related)

  • 28m, Master Degree, will be staying overseas later, want to know friends and have language partners (either native English speaker or English speakers with different acceents) to further familiarize with daily conversations using English. I can speak native Cantonese, fluent Madarin, good English, and intermediate in Japanese. Have car and can hang out to different places in HK easily (not only Lan Kwan Fong, but certainly it would be one of the good places) . Friends from different countries, male or female, who want to learn Chinese, know more about Hong Kong, or visit different Hong Kong local places, are welcomed. Interested party please send email or msn to hktruthordare@hotmail.com

  • 哪... Master d英文都係咁咖咋!

  • Yeah! That's why I have to know more friends to improve it! U know, in HK, there are rare chances to use English is daily conversation and social gathering. So please help me to point out how bad my English is. Definitely any advises would help me a lot!

  • 其實我都知post 係度好渺茫. 呢度識人好容易, 但想正經d 識d 可以令自己更加進步的(例如語言) 就好難. 我諗呢度都應該好多英文叻, 或者外國番黎的人丫, 應該都有d 會想識番d 岩玩的朋友, 點知都係冇乜人應

  • Minor correction no your last post:

    "Definitely any advises would help me a lot!"

    should be

    "Definitely any advice would help me a lot"

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