this morning makes me...

  • you can well imagine how typical weather in spring like today makes a guy sick because of humidity and temperature, especially after a fantacy in dream! i dreamt of being with a mature lady, early 30s, of course hk office lady in middle management level who dresses in smart casual code, sitting in a bar next to me and we c-n-d, oh yes, chat-and-drink. red wine is one of my favourites, why not get us a bottle?

    her face is blush like a cherry, something i wanna swallow, and our legs naturally touch each other, and her soft and subtle right hand is in my palm. her smile melts me, and i can't resist to kiss her lips to taste how it's like when perfume, lip stick red and red wine mix.

    the camera goes to the room we just entered in, can't wait to hold her from behind, kiss her neck, and it's very true to feel that my dick is rubbing on her nice and firm butt, she can't afford to moan, to relax...

    i just wake up then, and enjoy keeping my imagination going, though it's not completely a imagination, but a recall

    any lady wanna share her nice stories or fantasies?

  • do you ladies ever enjoy fantacies while getting awake in the morning? you know, men are always like that, with a dickie up to support his fantasy

  • a free morning would be a good time to enjoy flirt-chat with a decent and witty lady... you know, i observe that witty chinese ladies are completely differnt from those foreigners

  • hohohoooo... no one is gonna respond here? come on, guys and gals, let's chit chat

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