What is it after sex?

  • wanna ask you guys, 

    what is that feeling when you have had sex with your sl/sp, especially for those who have more than one?

    do you really feel satisfied? 

    do you feel guilty?

    do you really get what you want?

    or ... should I ask, do you know what you want?

  • a cigarette

  • do you really feel satisfied?

    -- physically... depends on your partner.... emotionally... for me, yes.. bcoz i really need emotional attachment before i can have sex with anyone....

    do you feel guilty?

    -- No... if i do feel gulty then i wont do it at all.... it might sound bad... but i understand the "rules" of the game and know this "game" is only about getting what you want from what is being offered... you cant get what is not there to be taken...

    do you really get what you want?

    -- Yes.. to share intimate moment with someone you are attarcted too... and an enjoyable sexual experience....

    or ... should I ask, do you know what you want?

    -- you have to ask yourself that question... everyone is different...

  • PowPow,

    I wonder what are the rules of the game...

    there seems to be no rules at all...

    seems that every act of the SL is the rule...

    what is the truth? is that love? or is that simply a game only?

  • don't know how it feel, never try with sl/sp

  • no guilty feeling?

    i know u may think its a game. But wouldn't you feel guilty that you are 'attached' to a different woman other than your wife/ girlfriend?

  • if you wanna come out, then it means you prepared to play gah la.. men are, and female can be too;

    and.. this feeling is a part of the game

  • once you decided to 'do' with your partner, you do what you want and you enjoy the process. If you are not sure to this, you should never commit to 'do' at first. one thing is good is that you can be as open as you wish. msn me to chat, hk.mann@hotmail.com

  • amazed to know that there are guys who would be interested in the questions I asked and responded to me with thoughts ...

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