Any brother would like to share ecperience of sex with girl from other country?

  • I went to buisness trip 2 weeks ago and slept with a very pretty Japanese girl she is my colleague in Japan...

  • When I first meet her in the Japan Office , I thought she is a actress or something, she is tall about 5ft 7, wearing very nice suit and high heels. Look a little like the actress in TV drama, I forgot her name.

  • She was very polite , she was asked to show me the office, since i was only there for about 5 days.

    Her english is not bad, but still have a little Japanese accent, her voice was very soft....kind of turn me on...

  • The 1st day after work , i went out with out colleagues(men) for drinks, they told me that girl is single and every man in the office talk about her. So i kept think her that night, so next day I asked her out for a drink after work...

  • please continue

  • She is very sexy OL

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