Ladies ~~ pls visit here ~~

  • A good looking , silm, well-educated guy is hoping to make frds with ladies ~~ 

    feeling is the most important........ so ... any topic, any relationship , any age, just leave message here ~~ 

    and chat what you want , no matter in work, love, or any other problems ~

    i will reply u as soon as possible ~~ 

    to discover more about me .......... just POP me a message ~ 

    cheers ~~

  • hi, what do you want to say?

  • well...... nothing particular ~~

    anything u wanna share ?? or anything u want to know ?

  • thx for coming ~~ u two

    anything u want to chat about ?

  • we can share everything here ~~

  • hihi...lets kill time together...

  • haha ~~ no problem ~~ :P

    are u all working at office now ??

  • yup ar..u lei??

  • Hi guys. I am boring in office today. Not much workload.

  • so what u guys wanna talk about ar?

  • Anything. Just want to kill time.

  • what is your job ? gooby ??

    i am working in a construction company ~~ very high work load ~~

    um ........ sometimes i feel so frustrated ~~ wanna quit ~~

    and now i am just being lazy ~ and kill time here ~~~

    and see if any ladies would want to be my frd ~

  • Well, i quited my job already since my boss is a coward.

  • Vampire: do i know u ?? are u a male ?

    u sound familiar to me ...

  • gooby: oh really ?? i like your style ~ haha

    do what u want ~~

    i can't quit my job ~~ as i still need to support my family ~

    unless i can find a better job instead ~

  • gooby: what do u do now without any work ??

    always stay at home ? haha ~~

    feel so boring wor ~~

  • no, i am still working but my last day will be on next Wed. Jesus Christ, I can leave the hell finally. Haha

  • Are you planning to quit? Or just consider?

  • um ...... in the mean time ~~ both planning and consider ~~

    i am trying to get a new job !~ but no reply yet ~~

  • Have to wait. I have a friend who works in constraction field for many years. She said the industry moved to Macau and mainland. HK is not valuable anymore.

  • hey ~ shawn ~

    u say u are good looking guy, so u have a lot of gfs ?

    and always have sex ??

  • gooby: u are so right ~~ your frd is correct ar ~~~

    hei ......... no hope for HK consstruction field ............

    b: wow ~~ what a suprised question lei ~ kaka^^

    makes me feel excited ar ~~ haha ~~

    u guess lei ??

  • Wow, so sensitive question. Shawn, you have this feedback means .... Hahaha

  • so many liers in this place la

    i don't think u are so good looking lor

  • b, I agree with you.

  • Hahaha, I think so too !

  • haha ~~ that's an interesting que ~~

    can make this thread more interesting!!

    i really don't mind to talk about anything ~~

    as i described in my info. at the top ~~

    clean chat and also dirty chat ~~ are welcome ~

    see my feeling la ~ i don't mind to share everything to suitable ones

  • hello all,

    welcome me to join yr chat?? ^.^

  • Shawn, you seem an interesting guy. I like you. haha.

  • hei, count me in la. Boring day

  • 版主 disappeared.

  • be: sure, u are most welcome ~~ let's chat ~

    gooby: thx for that ~ u are interested in me now, aren't u ~ haha

    b: well........ i am not bad ga ~ haha ~~ actually i saw many posts here before i set up this thread ~~ and i also agree that most of the guys are liers ~~ that's why i don't want to set up a thread like those guys ~~ there thread are just so "ugly" ~

  • Shawn,

    so nice to meet u la!

    how's yr day? seems not that busy cos much time to spend with us here lei~ haha~

  • i just went to discuss something with my colleagues

    sorry for my late reply ~

    (actually , i am trying to think of a good answer for your tough que. ) ^^

  • Shawn

    your attitude very look a like my fd, I guess I know your type of personality. Good be friend, but worst be husband.

  • Just think that you are a funny guy. But I met some guys here, they are still my friends and I am glad that they are nice.

  • be: oh ~ so far so good la ~~ not so busy lately ~~

    just went off to discuss with my colleague about a project ~

    how about u ? busy on work ?

  • Shawn,

    i've finished my work la~ haha

    i'm a gal from Macau, work as clerk in know la, casino operates 24 hours ma....i need to work early in the morning ga...

  • be

    very interesting field, I went to Macau last week too... do you know how much Casino can earn per day?

  • may,

    i really donno how much MILLION a casino can earn per day! haha

    but is a very interedting field! i'd say, i it a very large company with many departments, many kind of ppl all over the world! meet new faces everyday!

  • hi may ~~ wow ~ we have a macau frd here lei ~~ great ~~

    welcome ~

    yeah ~ i also wanna know how much the casino can earn ~~ haha

    my frd told me that a dealer can earn more than 15K at macau ga ~~

    really ??

  • be

    I heard that some new Casino can earn back their cost for couple months only. Very huge amount wor. Just want to know how it operate. haha

    Do you know if there is any trick on gambling? Or really fair game?

  • shawn,

    a dealer can earn almost 15K per month!! it's true~

    n i'm as a salary not bad too~

  • may,

    i think it is fair in glambing, it's really by luck!

  • be

    As a Macau Resident, do you feel that be a Casino town is health for children to grown up?

  • may,

    i think it will depends on how parents bring up their children~

  • May: really ? how's your frd like ?? very talkative ??

    hey ~ i am not a nad lover at all~ kaka^^

    my horo. told me that i am a good husband bor ~ haha ~~

    how can u tell my personality with only few sentences ? haha ~~

    know me more sin tell la ~~

    gooby: u are so right ~~ i am really a funny guy ~~ i love steven chow movies very much ga ~~ haha

  • Shawn

    just the feeling, when seeing your wordings, I immediately think about my fd. Just kidding la, good or bad husband, not my concern la, hope you don't mind la.


    If Macau Resident gamble a lot too? You know, I am thinking monthly salary may be 15K, but if you go gamble, in good luck, you are easy to gain 15K. How people still have incentive to work ar? Also, in Macau, not much choice for night activities, only gambling.

  • may,

    as per me, i would offer a really good education for my children, although dealers do not need high education and can earn a lot, but as myself, i'm u grad, i can have a office post, with a good salary. work in office, non smoke...dealers always face second hand smoke! i would like my children can have the same offer or better than me when they grown up!

  • May: haha ~ u like watching movie or TV too much la ~

    tricks on gambling ~~ ^^ u think of God of Gambler or watch that gambling TV progam before ar ~~~

    u think "be" is 喬正初 ar ~ haha ~~ she is not the CEO la ~~

    actually no fair game at all ~ the dealer is always the winner ~~

    u can only have 30% chance the most to win money from him ~~

    so ..... luck only ~

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