***Morning Sex*** Let's meet tomorrow morning at 11:00am in TST, where we could have a good sex together (or more)

  • I am a 29 yrs old guy, tall, good-looking, fit and most importantly, long and skillful. If you are interested, please add me on msn


    to chat further

  • u don't have to work ga?

  • Let's find time to start off a blue Thursday with a passionate sex together! I can ask my secretary to handle the calls, so I can leave... and stay as long as you want to...

  • that is why I said a good sex (or more than one...) together tomorrow... will satisfy you as many times as you want, lady

  • darling

    can u send your secretary to do my work tmr? so I can take a day off and just sex with u... or even better u offer me a new job just to sex with u. haha

  • j, why dont you just take a day off (or morning off) tomorrow morning, I will guarantee you, your half day will be so excited, and well-spend....

  • akoo

    are u sure half day off is enough?

  • 會唔會返工要出開街,成日又唔要再返公司,做乜都無人知o個種?秘書幫手打字,做野梗要自己黎,所以咪要出街,鼠出黎...

  • j, it depends on how many times you want.. baby, may be you could take a morning off, then if you need more, you could always call your company, saying "you are feeling too hot" to come to work?

  • hey

    can you send your secretary to have sex with me, in the meantime i can have more than once make-love with her, in TST

  • darling

    why have to be in the morning? u don't enjoy evening sex with candles light in the room?

  • 日光日白去開房,好怪,人地返工自己去攪野,no good no good,會好guilty,重要人地請假,你會唔會俾返錢我?

  • sorry, I couldn't read chinese... but no worries, I can speak cantonese!

    charming guy, that would also be possible, but she is a 50+ yrs old lady, you dont mind?

  • why dont u ask yr secretary to DO you while working yr office work? isnt it good?

  • Evening sex is definitely great, where we can have champagne with strawberries while staying naked on bed.... or I could use the champagne to lick you over your body.....

    but I just want to try sex in the morning... may be I would like to see what it would be like, having sex while having a guilty feeling at the same time?

  • my secretary is good at work, but definitely not my type, good suggestion though, stranger!

  • j, if you want candle night, I can still bring along the candle, but please dont put it on my body... haha

    or you prefer me to bring along some strawberries, and to use it to make you feel horny and excited tomorrow morning?

  • darling

    that girl is saying, it is weird to have sex in the morning, especially when everyone else is working, she will feel guilty, also u requested girl to take a day off, she is asking u to pay her back her salary.

  • j, thanks for the translation... well, if I pay her salary (which I dont mind), then I would be the boss, where I may want to have too many sex then she may want to... haha...

    so, j, would you be interested in chatting further on msn?

  • darling

    now u want to be the boss huh. btw, i'd love to put the candles on your body, are u still dare to talk to me. ^^

  • well, if you are so attractive and horny... I may allow you to put one candle on me!! haha.....what do you think, j?

  • allow me to tie u up too?

  • haha... it seems that you are looking for some real exciting sex session.. are you strong enough to tie me up?

    I am 6 feet, and fit... j?

  • oh yes, darling, i am not a tiny skinny HK girl.

    how abt blindfold u as well?

  • only if you guarantee to make me cum 2 times or above tomorrow, j... deal or not?

    why dont you add me on msn to chat further? I have cam too...

  • 你係唔係d竹星仔?唔識中文? 呢d人好濫過喎,小心

  • darling

    u got a cam huh, now u are talking.


    doesn't it all men like sex and woman?

  • j, (my personal translator) please kindly help me to translate if the message from stranger is important...

    so, j, of course I like sex and woman.. and even more like to make woman excited and wet.... would we be able to chat to each other on msn soon?

  • , thanks for the translation... well, if I pay her salary (which I dont mind), then I would be the boss, where I may want to have too many sex then she may want to... haha...

    咁你個人都幾自私,你叫人做愛就得,你出開黎返工攪野,蛇就蛇啦,我就要唔做野無人工同你做,又話乜Qboss,呢d叫呃,你收皮xx,F UCK u ,你明啦

  • girl, thanks for "fxxking me", though I dont understand what you said, thanks for coming in, and wanting to fxxk me...

  • darling

    stranger was saying are u the ABC kind of man, can't read chinese, and telling us to beware, a man like u like to fooling around. ^^

    ok i better send u the bill for translation and my day off tmr.

  • 我以前o係英國都識幾個呢d,晚晚做愛,日日換女,怪唔知你話自己勁啦,訓練有素,不過你d病毒aids hiv 重勁,唔好害人啦,我講d野對你唔重要,對J重要d。

  • 麻煩曬啦J

  • hey girl, he is willing to pay u salary for tm, u can't say u gets no pay.

  • j, my personal translator... though I do not understand what stranger is saying again. by making an intelligent guess, he is saying something so not constructive to this forum, right? as he keeps on typing chinese, which he shall know I dont understand...

    so, j, may be you could add me on msn, so that we could discuss how we could sort out the compensation for your translation as well as day-off?

  • j

    但係佢又話要做boss,多d sex佢玩曬,呢d咪唔蝕底得囉,又唔肯付出,超!

  • stranger

    you are welcome, why u having problem with a guy who love sex?

    for me, safe sex is more important.

  • j, guess we are having more and more common points... definitely, we will need to have safe sex... I am too young to die in this wonderful life...

    I am sure you will concur what I have said too.. if there are so many similarities between us, what are you waiting for? Add me, babe!

  • i am giving u credit to your love making skill. and u r well trained for that. dont worry u will be fine.

  • darling

    hahaha poor u, hey i am having fun here. time for u to learn chinese, banana!!! haha


    is it ok, no need to be upset, we are just having fun on the net.

  • j, thanks for the suggestion, may be you could start off giving me a lecture on ABC to Sex in Chinese?

    well.. if I need to be a banana, I guess it would be a dark and long one....

  • j


  • darling

    can u speak chinese?


    wanna join us? man i am long for MMF. ^^

  • stranger

    唔濫 doesn't mean safe.

  • j, as I said, I can speak cantonese... infact, I am now learning mandarin too...

    so, would you add me to chat further? I am longing to speak to you on msn.. especially true if you have cam like I do... baby!

  • cool

  • darling

    I have added u already. move yr sexy ass to msn honey.

  • j

    明架啦,common sense啦,出於好意,玩到呢度,拜

  • 食屎啦

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