haven't been truely in love for some years! I miss being in love and being loved! Will I ever fall in love again?

  • same here. haven't been in love for several years. think i'm handicapped in loving people / being loved by people

  • I have the same feeling too. I wonder if I ever love anyone anymore!

  • Me 3.

  • No worry guys !

    True love will lead !

  • it's really hard to recover. i still miss him sometimes, though he left long time ago

  • I am thinking to myself if I ever have met anyone in my life for the past few years whom I find the "butterfly in the stomach" feeling! None! Is it really that difficult to meet a person I really love?

  • If you meet the right person, the love/ being loved feeling will be ignited again.

  • but the thing is if we will ever meet him/her?

  • sigh... all depends on fate!

  • another night at home being alone feeling hopeless~~

  • who can rescue you?

  • exactly what I am thinking now, I feel so lonely. my frds who is in oveseas told me how sweet with the other half. I think just hk are too difficult for me to find a good man. I feel so dispointed on them..... reli hopelessssssssss

  • really? where are your friends? and their other halves are foreigners?

  • wilson,

    positive thinking may be able to rescue me! hehe....


    yea it's just so funny to know there're many ppl who feel lonely while there are just so many different entertainments in HK compared to other countries! also when we get older, it's just so difficult to meet new friends!

  • jamie,

    then, you can help yourself. I think there are many activies in HK and friends are close to each other. But their hearts are apart.

  • wilson,

    well yea...actually I should appreciate few of my good friends. I guess the bonding between girls may be better than that between guys?! (at least in my group we do support each other a lot!)

  • I agree with wilson, i got many frds, entertainment and normal life, I think hk is a nice place compare with other countries, sorry to say that but i do think the problem is on men, as my frds case, one in UK, her bf is a chinese, they are so good, so stable, another frd fr malaysia, her bf also treat her very well. I think just because hk are too attictive for men, most of them I know are not serous on relationship and hk ppl are also too stress that got agruement always. I would reli pefer a simple life styale and serious relationship, why it is so hard to find in hk?

  • what aspect do you appreciate your good friends?

    hum.... I think gals' friendship and guys' friendship will have different expressing means. Sometimes, guys' friendship can be more long lasting. Some girls will be close when they have time to gather. When they have bf, they may give up their friends. It really depends on the characters of people.

  • got same situation and same nickname as you....wish you good luck in your love adventure anyway....

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