haven't been truely in love for some years! I miss being in love and being loved! Will I ever fall in love again?

  • same here. haven't been in love for several years. think i'm handicapped in loving people / being loved by people

  • I have the same feeling too. I wonder if I ever love anyone anymore!

  • Me 3.

  • No worry guys !

    True love will lead !

  • it's really hard to recover. i still miss him sometimes, though he left long time ago

  • I am thinking to myself if I ever have met anyone in my life for the past few years whom I find the "butterfly in the stomach" feeling! None! Is it really that difficult to meet a person I really love?

  • If you meet the right person, the love/ being loved feeling will be ignited again.

  • but the thing is if we will ever meet him/her?

  • sigh... all depends on fate!

  • another night at home being alone feeling hopeless~~

  • who can rescue you?

  • exactly what I am thinking now, I feel so lonely. my frds who is in oveseas told me how sweet with the other half. I think just hk are too difficult for me to find a good man. I feel so dispointed on them..... reli hopelessssssssss

  • really? where are your friends? and their other halves are foreigners?

  • wilson,

    positive thinking may be able to rescue me! hehe....


    yea it's just so funny to know there're many ppl who feel lonely while there are just so many different entertainments in HK compared to other countries! also when we get older, it's just so difficult to meet new friends!

  • jamie,

    then, you can help yourself. I think there are many activies in HK and friends are close to each other. But their hearts are apart.

  • wilson,

    well yea...actually I should appreciate few of my good friends. I guess the bonding between girls may be better than that between guys?! (at least in my group we do support each other a lot!)

  • I agree with wilson, i got many frds, entertainment and normal life, I think hk is a nice place compare with other countries, sorry to say that but i do think the problem is on men, as my frds case, one in UK, her bf is a chinese, they are so good, so stable, another frd fr malaysia, her bf also treat her very well. I think just because hk are too attictive for men, most of them I know are not serous on relationship and hk ppl are also too stress that got agruement always. I would reli pefer a simple life styale and serious relationship, why it is so hard to find in hk?

  • what aspect do you appreciate your good friends?

    hum.... I think gals' friendship and guys' friendship will have different expressing means. Sometimes, guys' friendship can be more long lasting. Some girls will be close when they have time to gather. When they have bf, they may give up their friends. It really depends on the characters of people.

  • got same situation and same nickname as you....wish you good luck in your love adventure anyway....

  • ann,

    I have a friend in UK too. Before going to UK, he is a very outgoing person. After 5 years in UK, he becomes very bored. He is so bored that he calls back HK frequently. However, when we receive his call, he can't even say a word.

    I think HK people are to close. It is too crowdy. People can meet easily. It makes the market extremely competitive. Guys get close to other gals and so do gals. Sometimes, the time for being with bf and gf will be less than that with some other boys and girls. It creates a problem in relationship.

  • Perhaps, jamie is not a good name.... hehehehe...

  • hey all..just back from shower.

  • wilson

    you are right, its too easy for hk ppl to meet new frds and also the attitude of love is different... as some of my frds in hk, they do worry for housing after marry or sth involve money, too much pressure on a relationship, it also will make the relationship change.

    When can I stop asking where can find a stable and long lasting relationship?

  • ann,

    yes.. HK people have many pressure from outside. They can't enjoy a relationship easily. Girls' attitude towards love changes. Guys' attitude towards girls changes. ai....

    May I know how old you are?

  • few years ago when I became single, I would just go out and let myself "exposed". but these days, seems like I just don't care anymore. friends were saying how I usually have bf after bf but now I just couldn't care less! What's wrong????? Am I being hopeless???

  • wilson

    yes, all of them change. they are not only finding a relationship but also greedy on sth. I just back from trip at singapore and malaysia, I was so impressed the relationship there are so pure, they won't mind too much on appearance, money.. but they do keep good communication with each others even with both family. this is what I admit. I really saw what is simple life and simple love. Just never happen on me.

    I am 20sth, but my mind is more mature than that. for >30yrs old men, they think I am too young to be loved, for ppl same ago with me, I think they are not mature enough to know what's a serious relationship.

  • you mean you are not interested in guys and love?

  • jamie

    we are getting mature, our attitude changed, that's why u have change yr mind also. Sometimes I would think should I be more "normal" as what hk ppl do. Don't focus too much on communicate and should be more "open-minded" that go dating with everybody who chase me even I know they are not serious.... but sorry, it's not me... I did "exposed" too much, now I only want to hv simple date with someone willing try to be serious on relationship.

  • wilson

    who u are asking?

  • ann,

    yes. I also don't know the reason. You know. I went to guang zhou frequently these days. I hear from my friends in there that the girls in mainland china are also looking for guys who have cars, houses, money and good jobs. They even will not give a chance to other with less rich guys. On the other hand, the guys are not devoted to any relationship.

    you are only 20 something. You are very young. Why are you so desperate? You have been hurt deeply before?

  • ann,

    I was asking jamie.

  • hello everyone

    trying to find love? it's a fleeting entity . . .

  • ann

    how can u tell if the guys chasing u r serious or not?

  • ann and wilson,

    yes, I met some guys but I just don't even feel interested to date with them. Not that they don't have money and stuff but we just don't click. I think it's kind of "difficult" for ppl who have grown up in HK but also educated in overseas before they came back to HK again. we just don't see relationships like the way ppl do in HK. but guys in HK are just....I don't know...they don't usually have vision and their mindsets are just different.

  • ann,

    actually, many friends doubt about why I am still single. Even my qualities are not good, they think I can find a gf easily. However, that's not what I want. I know which girls I can get easily. But that's not love. ai... Sometimes, I also think whether my friends' idea is correct while I am wrong.

    relationship is not built on Love. That will appear when we build the relationship.

  • jamie,

    I find I am not interested in love in these days. Perhaps, I am quite old. I am difficult to be touched by heart. And I see too many girls and pretty girls too. Understand them too much and find they are not interesting at all. haha.

  • Hi all, my case is that i want to love someone but he doesnt want my love. Its so sad because we were so sweet and loving in the beginning. Ann is right, Hk men are so bad and good men are so hard to find. Its so sad.

  • HK is too realistic. Everything is scarce, time, money, relationship.....

  • kate,

    I think HK girls are too materialistic, fake and bad temper. Some of them are very stupid and easily cheated by bad guys. I saw many cases that girls are willing to be the 3rd person or with a married guy... I really can't stand that.

  • kate

    what if the man is sincere, but his physical characteristics isn't ideal, would u still consider him?

  • Wilson, sometimes its hard to say its wrong or right when it comes to love. love is so strange and it does make people loose value. I have no comments because I understand how it can happen.

  • wilson

    since u've met lots of girls, in your estimate, how many percentage of hk girls belong to the group u just described?

  • ai... Perhaps, that's my fault.. I don't understand ladies and love.

  • wilson

    i'm just curious, coz here lots of guys talk about this group of girls, is it really true that a large % of hk girls are like this??

  • hum.... I think about 50% are in my "stupid" categories. 40% are good but engaged.. 10% are materialistic...

  • I think Hk men are to blame too. They seek for that kind of relationship and make it happen. Cant blame everything on us. We are more soft in the heart.

  • how can u tell if the guys chasing u r serious or not?

    sth is so easy to feel. I was not use my eyes to see what ppl are they but use my heart to feel.


    I was not hurt so deep by anyone. but I do experienced a lot on men, I even dated a lot of men, yes, dated only, I already understand what kind of ppl they're. I do gave few chances to them, but they failed. Is not that they dont fullfill my requirement, they are totally not a loyalty men at all. I am really so desperate on men in hk, dont say abt their vision or mindset, just the basic requirement on relationship (loyalty) they failed. I feel so sad is that sometimes I even not started to click n in love, already fail on the status when knowing the attitude of each others.

  • if no one complain men, I will say nothing. I think the current situation is created by both parties.

  • ann,

    I feel the same! totally feel for you too!

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