男朋友全家都係外國, 佢都去左做野, 要嫁過去, 但係自己家人朋友都響香港, 亦無去過外國住, 比你會唔會嫁

  • 咁你地o係香港果陣有冇一齊住過?

  • You have to understand that, when anything happens, you are on your own. Nobody will help you.

  • You have to understand that, when anything happens, you are on your own. Nobody will help you

  • obi - 03/13/07 21:40

    10 years later, you still face the same people. The answer is very obvious, although many people continue to lie to themselves.

  • I have the same case. I'm now happily married for 8 years.

    You have to be a very independent person;

    be able to speak the foreign language (in my case, English);

    keep abreast of the local news;

    improve and upgrade yourself constantly;

    of course, make sure you and your bf want to be with each other.

  • Me too, I've been happily married for 6 years. Never been to the country I am now living in before. Still trying to learning the language here. My in-laws are treating me well but not interfering. I am not so independent though, but lucky that my colleagues and friends have been great and supportive.

  • Where are you two going?

  • Obi, you need to ask yourself if you love your bf and if you can be an independent person.

    Because even though you married to a HK guy, if you are not independent enough, no one can help you when you are in a marriage.

    Also, being away from your family is not that bad because you can still chat and see them a lot through MSN. I am now living in France with my husband and almost meet my family and friends once a week through MSN.

    If you have question, try to live abroad for 3 months and see if you can deal with it before getting married lor.

  • I will not leave my family. To me, my family is the most important thing in life. Your boyfriend can betray you, your husband can betray you, but your parents will never. Also, you may be able to spend 50 more years with your bf, but definitely not your parents. If you insist to move, ask your parents to move with you!

  • overseas bride, fate,

    可唔可以講你地去左邊? 去到有無搵工做?定係做housewife? 我仲諗緊架, 因為男朋友既事業係果邊會有發展空間, 呢度就無, 所以為左將來, 去佢度會好d,但係我個人唔係咁independent, 同埋上面都有人講, 屋企人take care左我咁耐, 都無好好報答佢地, 如果走左, 我會好唔捨得, 同埋佢地年紀大啦, 都無可能再過第二度生活,所以真係好唔知點, 而家仲有時間可以諗, 我想問下大家意見, 唔該曬!!

  • hello overseas bride, fate and obi, i have also the same case as yours... my parents (esp my mother) were a bit worried of course, because i'll be here alone, but later, after these years my boyfriend (now it's my hubby) went to visit them too, so my family had a chance to know him more and more...

    although i am used to live without my family these years, i still cry a whole lot everytime i leave them and go back.

    sometimes i feel i'm quite selfish, but 幸福是自己爭取,i followed my heart at that time and my parents supported (and still do) me, afterall they know my hubby is someone i can depend on.

  • 我都唔明, 乜你諗住嫁左去外國就唔再返香港架?

    我都係d好痴屋企既人, 而家隔一、兩個月就返香港一次, 冇咩問題呀!

    係辛苦d, 成日飛黎飛去o者.

  • obi,

    I moved to New York city for the 1st 5 years and now live in the suburb. My husband made decent $ but wanted me to make friends and gain more experience by getting a job. So I work in the HR department of a European hotel until I got pregnant. I'm a housewife with 2 kids. But still have a lot of things to learn. e.g. to deal with other housewives, setting up playdate for my kids, participate in school activities. I recently gave a presentation of Chinese New year at my son's class and everybody enjoyed it.

  • 屋企人take care左我咁耐, 都無好好報答佢地, 如果走左, 我會好唔捨得, 同埋佢地年紀大啦, 都無可能再過第二度生活,所以真係好唔知點..by obi - 03/14/07 13:12

    But Obi, as kellybanana said, 幸福是自己爭取.

    When I get married to this French guy, my parents were really supportive because they said that I should have my own family because one day they will die and I will be all alone if I do not have husband or child.

    You should consider more if you love this man and if you are willing to give a try. And if you will have other chance to meet someone like him in the future?

    If you love him, go ahead lah!

  • hello j plus, actually i did ask myself that 'what if.....' question also before i started a 'new' life with my hubby (at that time he was my bf) in amsterdam.

  • 我就嫁左去外國剛剛8個月左右, 地點是加拿大~ 其實到新的地方 , 最重要是自我適應力要高, 還有你要努力開創自己的生活圈子... 去到新的地方, 我建議回校讀書, 一來讓自己更容易了解社區和認識朋友...

    不如先過去看看環境, 我未嫁來前, 已經在這裡旅遊兩次.

  • cardin,

    可唔可以share 多d你既experience?

  • 可唔可以講你地去左邊? Japan

    去到有無搵工做? I have a part-time job and I also attend language classes.

    同埋上面都有人講, 屋企人take care左我咁耐, 都無好好報答佢地, 如果走左, 我會好唔捨得, 同埋佢地年紀大啦, 都無可能再過第二度生活,所以真係好唔知點,

    Where is he from?

  • Hi cardin & 各位姊妹,

    你住係溫哥華 OR 多倫多 ?? 我四月會同老公移民溫哥華, 希望可以同各位姊妹做個朋友 !!

  • cardin, jj

    我都向 vancouver 呀. 以前向度讀書, 依家同我老公結左婚.

  • hi sammi

    嘩好野, 搵到姊妹住係 Vancouver !! 你結左婚幾耐 ?? 有無BB 仔呀 ??

  • i think its not if u are independent or not, its if u like to live oversea or in hk. i have the same case but i live in USA before and i know i like HK much better so I think I will move back to HK ....although my bf is very good me....its not an easy decision...you can try to live there first and see if you like it.

  • Hi, I got married in Canada for over 4 years, and also I came here without any friends and family members.

    My experience was telling me that you don't need to very independence at the beginning but you have to learn some basic technics to survive ; for example, driving skill, fluent English or local language as possible....etc. Try to go to community or school to polish your language that can communicate with others well.

    You may consider to travel the place before moving there. You have to grow up to be dependant person after getting married no matter you live in overseas or Hongkong though. You

  • 我嚟咗美國18 年,我覺得係呢度生活非常之好, 地方廣闊, 空氣清新,小孩子讀書同大人做野都冇 咁 大壓力。我相信你父母都希望你嫁去一個環境比較好的地方同成立你自己嘅家庭,而唔係成日黐住佢哋。

    至於報答佢哋, 你可以時時番香港見佢哋,時時打電話同佢哋傾偈, 如果佢哋識電腦(而家好多中年人都學電腦),你有個 webcam, 日日見吓佢哋都得。





  • jj,

    喂, 我都住響vancouver播, 你住響邊頭? 我依家住richmond, 不過遲d會番vancouver

    我黎左年半, 你呢?

  • i m living in richmond too... hahaha

    married for 2 years, no child, but i m thinking of divorce....

    sorry girls...

  • hi 過來人,

    我 四月先過來 Vancouver, 我會住係East Vancouver.

  • 我都可能會有咁既情況


    4 年都係long d

    不過, 我媽咪係一個好古老既人



  • 我覺得最重要係要適應同一個男人婚後一齊生活, 地方唔重要, 因你會習慣. 而且交通電話而家咁方面. 我通常過幾日會打電話返香港同屋企人八下. 溝通時間仲多過我係香港時.

    我就係一個無工作而家無返學既人, 嘻嘻 !! 但我老公由我懶, 有時上網, 睇下財經炒股票, 做下家務, 整下野食, 以前返下學又識左d朋友去下街, 有時自己又去下街買下野嘆下咖啡, 睇下雜誌update 下英文時事潮流, 外國雜誌水準好高.

    初來時可能鍾意返香港, 但住落就無咁想,

  • 正確 呀 !! 自己都要有自己既家... 人會長大嘛

  • jj,

    咁岩既, 原本我都住east van, 近pne果頭呀



    我4月應會成為permenant resident啦, 到時會搵野做.


    我同我老公尋日先結婚一週年, 我都未有小朋友住.


  • jj,

    sorry, 岩岩睇你上面d message話係同你老公immigrate過黎vancouver!

  • breakaway,



    你去左邊度住? 如果我去, 要學既唔止英文要improve, 仲要學多一個語言, 如果唔係好難搵野做, 同埋你係幾多歲過去架? 而家咪係適應曬啦?當時你家人有咩意見呢?

  • hi 過來人

    我會住近 Fraser Street.

    我唔係投資移民, 我老公十幾年前和我老爺及奶奶已移民 vancovue入了藉, 是我老公伸請我過去vancovue家庭團聚.

    我會先讀書, improve English first !!

  • obi,


    我當初都係為左男友(宜家係老公)黎左vancouver, 巳經年半啦...但仲未適應到, 仲好掛住hk既生活.

    j plus,


  • Let me share my case.

    I get married last yr when I travel w/ my hubby in US, & moved there last week. I felt the difficulty that obi facing, as I had the same expirence 3 yrs ago. I used 2.5 yrs to consider marrige or not, it's not a easy decision. obi, I think u should ask urself, how much u prefered long distance; how long u prefered; how confidence u r in the relationship, etc. Ignor the 3rd party factors, just concentrate on u & ur bf 1st.

  • 過來人,

    年半都未ok啊? 我男友都係住在加拿大,到時要學法文


    所以我仲要稔下..我好中意佢, 都覺得佢係可以依靠既人, 只係怕到時成日掛住香港, 雖然話而家科技好先進幾時都可以contact,不過唔可以成日都話返hk就返

  • obi:






    另外, 我男朋友同我年紀都較細..




    7 兄弟姊妹..我係最細...年紀同亞哥家姐差成十幾二十年




  • obi,

    你去monteral or quebac, 所以要學法文?

    我諗係我未放得低香港既生活模式卦, 以前響hk我成日shopping, 買化妝品...同朋友食飯唱k.

    呢度唔係冇mall 去shopping, 係d 野好貴同冇香港d款咁靚.

    另外, 以前響hk好方便, 周圍都有public transport, vancouver就完全唔同.

    仲有, 我中意街上熱鬧, 但呢度人影都冇個.


  • I missed everything in HK, esp. my mom, so she want me to call her everyday. I'm agreed w/ 過來人, d clothes 冇香港d款咁靚, & the malls are not easy to access w/o car.

    I wish the situation will be better after I took a course.

  • 過來人,

    係啊我會去Quebec, 所以要學法文, 男友話響果邊買野好貴,尤其係買衫, 我好中意shopping, 一個人都可行街, 驚去到無香港咁好行, 款又唔夠呢度多同埋平, 同埋無朋友響果邊,怕悶



    我唔可以成日上黎呀, 可唔可以msn講?

  • I just move to the US 11 days jar.

    I'm installing Vista, so I don't have MSN right now.

  • obi,

    你個msn係乜? 我可以add 你

  • 過來人, sharing,


    我比email 你地呀, 咁再留msn ok? ^^ 好想快d同你地傾 下

  • 有無姊妹住係溫哥華, 我28/4 就去溫哥華啦 !!

  • jj,

    我住響vancouver架, 你send email去我個inbox:丫


  • Thanks 過來人

    I will email to you later.

  • 我都係咁情況,結左婚去左美國,而家正調節自己既生活中,有冇都係係美國既姊妹想做個朋友?

  • Hi 過來人

    我已經到了溫哥華1個月啦, 我已send email 給你, please check !!!! 


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