I am 33 yo female. Pretty face, overseas educated and intelligent. Making 45K per month.

  • You are so confident to say that you are pretty yourself.

    You are also so confident to say that you are intelligent, and at the same time you say that you are breaking down.

    Do you think you are over-confident?

    You say that you perform very well in your job and make it perfect, but no one appreciate what you have done.

    You also say that you work very hard but no one even give a glance.

    Did you over-value yourself?

    Maybe the problem is that your attitude towords people around you are irritating. Try not to be so arrogant if you are. Be humble and low-profile may help.

  • Get rip of your alter ego!!!

    You are just another typical slut who sleeps the way up!

  • I've seen too many people overpaid for tough luck!!!

  • People are always looking for chances to stab each other's back, that's the culture of a lot of HK firms. Managers blame subordinates for their mistakes, and only trust useless people who flatter them all the time. Employees try their best to make managers happy so they get a chance at promotion. So in order to survive, you either have to play low-profile, so nobody thinks you can compete with them, or you play office politics yourself, and start being a "gold-finger". If you can't stand it, then find another job and quit this one, and hope the new office culture is little bit better, but chances are that it won't be.

  • If I didn't read the headline, I thought you were green at work.

    An intelligent person with some years of working experience knows how to survive in the worst situation and turns it out into his/her desirable status.

  • Agree with Sentor. To be honest, I feel that she is even greener after reading her message. Sounded like the frsh college graduates

  • Sarah, I feel your frustration in your post, but always look at it this way : the alternative has to be worse. I think what you need right now is support from your friends and family. You need to talk things through with people in real life who care about you and whom you also care about.

  • After knowing your situation, I look back to your thread's headline. Is there anything related to your appearence and your income? You're just having a pressure and being very confused.

    If your work experience is as good as your describion, you may consider to change another job, or just go to hibinate.

  • are you saying you want to find a man to take care of you since you have pretty face?

    or you feel regret that you didnt use your pretty face to find a good man to take care of you, wasted your time on developing your career?

    maybe it's just a bad time of your long long career path. Seriously thinking of changing your work environment. The job market is so good now, if you really are as good as you described, you shall find another job easily.

  • Can you tell me more ?

    email : billlovegirl@yahoo.com.hk

  • Sarah, if you are not happy with your job, explore the opportunities in the market and find something more exciting. There are bad bosses and back stabbing people everywhere. There will be new obstacled in a new career. I can understand that any woman would want to lean on a man's broad shoulders, but I doubt it if you would find your match here

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