• i guess that's very true, this and relationship thread are the only ones with any traffic. i ahd a look at current affairs and I laugh myself silly with what they ahd there.

    of course for guys we are always after sex, just for SP, there is an assumption of no emotional attachment, whereas for SL, there is more connection

  • oxtail = blue moon?

    anyway... what guys looking for in here then?

  • guys are not always one dimensional , i guess it all depends on what is on offer. I mena I will take whatever is available, if chit chat, then happy for chit chat, if something more, then why not

    what about you?

  • she

    ons may be

  • me.. now i am just only looking for a chatmate... but i cant say if anything would happen after i met that guy or if i really find he is a very ncie one to get into next step... no one knows about the future ma.. gagaga...

  • ray

    so did u find any target yet?

  • how true, just go with the flow is usually the best trip to take. Don't come with any preconceive notions and you will enjoy it more

  • she,

    may i hv this chance to meet u

  • blue moon

    yes u are right.. think too much is a really worse thing... or u will miss too many things after... u never know... so what are u looking for in here?

  • sunny

    i dont think i will meet u at the moment wor.. can we chat more first? by the way.. nice to meet u

  • you mean with you at this moment or generally? If with you, then just chit chat at the moment and see where the currents of our conversation lead us. If I feel any connection then I may go a bit further haha

    I don't have an agenda when I go into any threads

  • blue moon

    no i mean what are u looking for in to see ur destiny here?

  • is just a bit of a diversion, there is nothing of substance here really. Only enough to kill some spare time

  • blue moon

    I see... sometime i come here becos i want to watch what ppls wrote here... they are interesting.. haha

  • what kind of interesting stuff have you come across lately then. i am afraid I am not a frequent visitor? Maybe I can learn something from your experience haha

  • blue moon

    nothing much ga.. only watch what ppls wrote on their thread.. sometimes they said they are sexy, strong, tall or handsome... hahah.. really interested about if they are really waht they told... if yes... so here should have many attractive ppls lor.. right?

  • i guess they are all intelligent, sexy, strong, tall and handsome in their minds haha, or they have a different understanding of what these words mean kaka

    I don't think anybody would say they are ugly and sad loser, not exactly an atractive quality haha

  • blue moon

    hahah... u are right.. or they have too confidence about their outlook... or this is the only way they can meet more ppls here...

  • well nothing wrong with confidence to a certain degree......but i guess we mostly lie through our back teeth here haha

    do you reply to alot of threads?

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