any mustbuy items from korea? most probably i'll be going to korea for a few days for fun, but as a first-time visitor, i don't know what to buy... any sisters can help?

  • yes, ginseng.

    are u going w/ tour?? if so, they will definitely bring u to buy ginseng (powder form & pieces). supposedly Korean ginseng is of good quality but can be quite expensive. i remember most start at US$1xx (they'll charge u in USD).

    laneige, 雪花秀, missha, MOOK, running shoes (nike, addidas, etc). really not that much to buy, some local clothing maybe.

  • hi meg, thanks for your suggestions. but is sulwhasoo cheaper in korean than in hk/ i remember a friend of mine has also talked about ginseng powder from that kind of shops, and she heard that adam cheung had bought a lot of those things there for fat fat while she was very ill and lying in hospital several months ago!

  • sorry, adam cheng

  • no sure if sulwhasoo is cheaper or not but i assume so as it's from there (although i think it's waaaay too expensive!!!). ginseng powder is suppose to be good; my mom-in-law recently gave my hubby a can (not sure if it's from korea or states) and he said it's been good for him, better sleep, bowel movements, etc. maybe u can get for elders or even yourself.

  • hi meg, thanks for your feedback. but the powder is quite expensive....but if i can afford, i may want to buy a bit, for my family and hubby...

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