• She's a bit overrated, just because most actresses can't act.

    And she's not that international, she's only famous in asia, she's unkown in the west, she was mistaken as Gong Li at the fashion show.

    Another media created star like Shu Qi.

  • totally agree with 123 !!!!!

  • well, all actors are called International Stars once they've had a movie shown outside of Asia or have attended an international film festival!!! she's relatively unknown in North America (except Chinatown); maybe slightly known in France but that's abt it. she does have a few good movies under her belt but nothing really spectacular.

    she is definitely overrated.

  • agree with 123!

    Maggie is not a stunning beauty, but the critisims above are plainly cynical. Esp. the one saying she 'probably' lived in Chinatown, so you don't even know and start judging (and obviously this is not the truth, if she really lived in Chinatown, do you think the tatlers won't dig out the entire story?).

    Her style may not be your cup of tea, but 'outdated' is clearly a joke. If her style is 'outdated', then why was she seated the first row and accompanied by the CEO? If she was invited for her fame, then it also rules out the statement of her being hardly known in Europe. You do not have to like her style but placing your own taste on top of a brand name management.. well, it just shows how silly and shallow you are.

    Getting awards out of pure luck... why don't you say she knows voodoo? She must have blinded the judges and give her the awards from HK and in Europe.

    I am sorry but these are just objective attacks, it only tells that you don't like her, but all the reasons behind are too ridiculous to listen to.

  • to: frenchie

    well, all actors are called International Stars once they've had a movie shown outside of Asia or have attended an international film festival!!!

    ---> 張曼玉唔單止出席過外國既電影節, 佢仲係法國康城電影節奪得影後

    she's relatively unknown in North America (except Chinatown); maybe slightly known in France but that's abt it.

    ---> 我唔會反對, 但請問"全世界都有好多人識"同"一個人既成就"有什麼必然關係?

    she does have a few good movies under her belt but nothing really spectacular.

    ---> 我唔係專業電影人, 我識評論何謂"spectaculer", 但客觀事實係佢曾奪康城影後, 當中既評審我估會係專業電影人

    至於話佢係fashion show度比人認錯係Gong Li, 我個人覺得當一個人認錯另一個人, 應該係認錯人o個個人應該覺得尶介同有問題, 而唔係被認錯o個個

  • 更正---


  • Nothing wrong living in chinatown and she was hard working before she got fame.

    But it's kinda true that she's not that famous in the west only limited in asia, comparing to Gong Li and Ziyi Zhang she's not even close.

    She did make quite a lot of artish movies and for asia standards she's good actress and treated her as mega star.

    Well, she does know Marc Jacobs and other designers through events in HK and europe. She was once married to a known French director, would not be surprised if she knows people and she has been going to fashion show for many many years, naturally she would get a invite.

    Didn't Gigi Leung got a invite too to a fashion show in Paris?? So what's the big deal she got one!!

  • 佢後生果時真係好靚, 青春迫人

  • well, if you read carefully, i never said she lived in chinatown. i just said she was probably well known only in chinatown, what's wrong w/ that??

    also, everyone has a right to their opinion of public figures, i don't think she needs you to defend her. i appreciate your views but you should also appreciate others; no need to pick apart each & everything others say.

  • I have been watching movies for years too, so do I naturally get invited to attend premiers?

    Receiving invitation to attend fashion show is a statement on one's status. There are tons of people dying to get invited. In Gigi Leung's case, it could be a combination of her fame in Asia (the brands do sell in Asia, not just Europe), and the work performed by her PR team from behind. If you think it's no big deal then why don't you tell me if any of your friends have received any.

    If frenchie is the nickname kellybanana, then "she could have grown up in chinatown where limited/no english is necessary" was written by you; if not, then you should be the one reading carefully.

    'she's relatively unknown in North America (except Chinatown)' - how big is all the Chinatowns combined in the States? how big is the American Chinese population? And how funny for you think the entire Chinese community is contained in Chinatown alone? Maggie is definitely not 'well known' in the States but it couldn't be 'unkonwn' as well.

    There is respect in speech freedom, it's different from being mean and harsh and cynical. Surely she doesn't need me to defend her, in fact I have not said anything positive abt her all along. I am just asking you to think twice before expressing your silly opinions.

  • hey @_@, i am not frenchie (we are 2 individuals), and btw, i totally agree what him/her and 456 have said! i was really really thinking cheung's being overrated (as frenchie has suggested above), as there is those so-called celebrities in hk are not as 'eye-catching' as cheung, that's why she's so 'spectacular'...

  • 佢d英文好渣

  • 人地覺得外國既生活適合佢,有咩問題?何來扮abc之嫌?更何況你咁講,只係你覺得abc比香港人優勝,人地從來無咁講過.唔通你又覺得河國榮扮哂香港人?


    點解咁多人讚maggie有型,就係因為佢唔盲目跟隨潮流,佢只會著佢認為適合佢既衫,隨便既一披一搭已經散發住魅力,如果佢無品味,外國幾大時裝品牌就唔會爭住請佢去睇fashion show,你估o個d show係你地呢d普通人可以入場睇架咩?

    by wow - 03/08/07 10:53


  • Calm down people! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

    What I am trying to say was if you are famous in HK you would probably get invited to fashion shows anyway because the brands are international. Even Gigi leung received an invite, comparing to Cheung she's a lot lower in status, so no big deal Cheung got an invite. If you work in this industry and work close to those people you would naturally get invites, in most cases it's status not because of acheivements. Yes, Cheung had acheived in movies not just because she's wealthy or famous for being famous. Also, she's dating a French who's working in this areas, she has contacts.

    I think frenchie meant she's only known by chinese people in the west by saying the chinatown thing, which is kinda true.

    Anyway, don't go mouthing off critising people's comments like a mad woman, yes, we all know you are a big fan, thinking you know everything. Do you live in the west? Do you have friends in the west? Non chinese friends? Just like most HK people thinking she's such mega star but I am telling you she's not all that, only media created. A wow factor because she works with foreign directors but she does a good job choosing her roles.

    Even Shu Qi had a hollywood movie "The transporter" shown in cinemas nationwide even though it was a flop, but she still not reconized because she was not that special over there like the HK media created her as. Cheung's foreign movies were not shown nationwide, only limited showings, maybe mainly in France.

    And how do you know my friends didn't get invites to fashion shows? lol

    Finally, I don't dislike Cheung or like her, just that she's a bit overracted and that's not just my opinion, a lot people thought the same, especially if you have lived in the west, europe and America etc...she's not that international. That cannes award thing was not that reconized, more art than commercial, unlike the oscars.

  • She was thought she has style because she look good in casuals, jeans and tees. I don't think she looked that good in glam clothes anyway. IMO

    Therefore, she got invite because she was thought to have "style" in asia.

    Doesn't follow the fashion and wear what suits her, that's good, we shouldn't do that anyway and why would we, she just has common sense.

  • 佢d英文好渣

    by 同意 - 03/10/07 00:07





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