another lonely Valentine's day going to be 26 in 9 months. Seperated from bf 2 years ago. going to be single forever?

  • 唔係化? 25歲就咁驚?

  • some of my secondary school/ university classmates got married already, while I'm still single.

  • When I look around, those married couples met their other halvies before my age

  • i'll be 34, then i have to be very afraid?

    well i'm m

  • girl25=eat?

    如果你係要同其他人比, 咁夠有大把女人三十幾歲都未結婚啦!!

    最緊要係你自己係咪都想早婚先, 唔係話身邊多人結婚就想結婚架嘛?

  • girl25

    u wont be single forever,

    maybe just not the right timing to meet

    the guy u want ah

  • male is different. There are far too many single women younger than 34. How about single men older than 25? most of them already have gf

  • girl25

    i think that's true...

    alot of single gals out there now, maybe they just think hk guys r not too good, so they rather choose to be single.

  • What I want is just a happy relationship, why is that so difficulty? The only happy one just lasted for < 1 year when I was 18, then the one lasted for 4 years brought me lots of sad memories

  • i thikn communication is very important too...if he treats u good, but cant comm, the relationshop is not gonna last too right?

  • My colleagues assumed that I have a bf, and I don't know how to explain to them, just didn't admit/ deny. Most of them were married anyway.

  • my ex treated me well, committed a lot, lasted 4 years, but it wasn't a happy relationship, because I didn't love him at the begining and he didn't love me at the end

  • girl at 25, not dating, shouldn't be afraid? when I ask my single female friends at my age, all of them are worried

  • 無問題, 你絕對可以繼續驚, 愈驚就愈心急, 然後又好似上次咁重複犯錯, 同左一個自己開頭唔係咁鍾意既男仔一齊, 然後又o徒4年時間......

  • yes, I agree. That's why I didn't start with a boy who is chasing after me for 1-2 years. He has been interested in me since I broke up, but I don't think we're too interested in each other.

    I know very well that I'm no longer young, I don't want to waste my time.

  • 我想講o既就係咁, 有時驚同心急會影響自己o既要求或判斷力.

    唔使太擔心啦, 船到橋頭自然直喎.

  • ai, I can't control it, worry or not. I have an impression that I will be single forever, though that's not what I want

  • 又唔使講到咁灰, 你無睇電視廣告咩, 希望在明天嘛! haha!

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