i want a soul mate

  • soul mate means, you wont ask for me age, height, weight, body figure, right?

  • soul mate mean both would like to share with heart..... all fr inner heart..

    u mind abt the stuff u mentioned above??

  • kk, no one can force u to do anything u dont like, just be yrself, u will be even more happlier, :-)

  • of coz i dont care

    but everytime i chat here, everyone is asking the same questions u know, how old, body figure, age, job, blablabla

  • then, u can ignore those u dont want to chat with, or u can chat with somewhere else privately ,

  • u used to share with yr nfs on here??

  • but the fact is , when chat goes private, those ppl will ask the questions eventually, just matter of time

  • not really, just come here when bored, and i dont think ppl here are really looking for sharing

  • anyway, just go with yr feeling, if u feel nice, just keep on chatting with that guy, if not, just simply kick his pat pat, ahhahaa

  • as time paassed, u can see the real...

  • tell u what, maybe i am a freak, never chat with a guy more than a month

  • kk, may know wht happen??? why u dont chat with guy??

  • why?? is that they do sth inproper to u??

  • maybe i am a talkative person, and what i really want to share is life, work, family, hobbies something like that, but apparently no one here really want to listen to this

  • sorry typo

    i am NOT a talkative person

  • hi handsome, so what is your story? I want to know.

  • kk, if u dont mind, i want to be the one to hear fr u, i m the kind who like to share with my dear the daily stuff... i m free as i m divorced

  • hi kk, same here. people here are hardly of depth. Those that seems to care are really good players. sometimes I wonder what is wrong with these people. Or maybe me because i'm here.

  • kk,

    of coz they don't wanna talk those stuffs, this is sex section, they only concern of sex.

  • haha, really, no question about how i look like and stuff?

  • handsome, divorved? what happened? you hurt her or she hurt you?

  • cc thx for yr concern, but wht story u want to know fr me?? i just a normal 39 divorced man, who is struggle my future everyday, in return, to experience my life by myself,,, sorry sad, but i hv to go thro... n one day, hope i can hv my dear to walk with, to support n give warm...

  • cc

    right, because we are in the sex board, haha


    yeah, most of the ppl here are just looking for sexual stuff, i know

  • kk, is not that i dont want to know, in fact, as i mentioned, i just a normal guy who all feeling that human have, just want to share in heart at the moment, contridictory sometimes with scare

  • handsome

    its really hard to find someone, especially when u are getting older, really afraid to start something new

  • cc, anyway, she is going to marry soon,

    donest mean she is bad, keys dont make sound without 2, its our problems, n nice to know she gets what she wants during the time,

  • kk and jj, dont you think sometimes the girls here are much more of quality then the guy here? sometimes i feel that talking to the girls here makes life a bit more bearable.

    so are you two single or married?

  • kk, i did date with ladies after divorced, in return, 2 more scar printed on my heart, ahahaa, really scare sometimes too. anyway, i hv to calm down n restructuring my life again

  • sorry. i guess people change and move on. life stucks when it does against your wish.

  • handsome


    when we are young, we dont afraid to start a relationship, we only fear it will end, coz we believe in everlasting love

    when we been like broke up with other for sereval times, we dont afraid broke up anymore because we know it will happen some day

    when we grow older, we dont have the confindence to start anymore

  • cc, never be extreme, please understand we r chatting in a sex board, think its natural for ppl to chat in this way,,, anyway, just share with those u feel nice, :-) hope u enjoy here tonite

  • cc

    i wouldnt say so, quailty of ppl is not define by its sex, but i seldom meet nice guys here, thats the truth.

  • kk, and sometimes you want to start again but cant find someone you want to give that chance with. life sometimes look so gloomy.

  • kk.. thats seem a mirror for me, i did go with my ex in childhood, we dated 10 yrs b4 we got married, after 8 yrs marrital life, dicovery she is such an unfamiliar ppl, i scare abt relationship... i did lose my balance for a while.... feeling so real n feeling so deep ,,,

  • i know that. I am saying it seems more women here has more substance. they make this place feel a bit more humane. others just make life so nasty.

  • cc

    right, not easy to find the right person

  • kk, as there is hunbred thousand ppl walk thro us, as we just need one, sure wont be easy.... be frank, even experienced hurt b4, i still believe there is sb i want to walk with in my life..... happlier...

  • handsome

    glad to hear u still believe in love, i really understand how you feel, its like growing up and living with that person for your whole life, but one day, u find out that maybe you dont really know her. sigh

  • kk, sorry to say, as a big man like me, i did cry sometimes under the silent night, restructuring whts happening in my life....

    sometimes, its hard to deal with stuff alone...

  • handsome

    cry is okay, it will be more terrible if u cant cry out (just like me), be alone? no one wants to be alone, at least i dont , but i did eat with my computer tonite. haha

  • n also, ppl join in n out wihtout any further sharing let me feel relationship nowaday just like bubbles,,,, u cant even expect anything fr that... thats shouldnt be the fact...

  • kk, you are like me too. I try not to cry and it is more hurtful. so what makes your life so sad?

  • kk, tell me, there is sb who eat in front of the computer like u, its me, ahhaha, anyway, just never think the simple topic will come up my emotion tonight.... thx fr my deep heart,,,

  • cc

    i found that i am getting difficulities when try to cry recently, i used to cry a lot, when watching movies, when listening to songs, when reading, dont know why

  • handsome

    haha, sigh, what did u eat tonite? i just bot some noodle and a soup

    nice to meet u here tonite too !!

  • kk, did u watch the moive called " holiday" the actress cant cried for long, as finally she cried as she leaves with the one she loves.... maybe we feel lonely in deep heart, n need sb to refresh it.... seem we r getting cold in heart..

  • be frank, i really dont know how to cook, just buy a rice box with beef n vegetable

  • maybe one day, we could be dinner mate, ahhaha

  • handsome, yes i have watched that movie, and maybe our hearts are getting cold because we think there is so hard to get what we wanted, hope, like love is a fragile thing

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