Why men here only wants sex n free meal? Don't they feel empty n lonely after such cheap sex? Doesn't anyone here wants love anymore?

  • I want love and sex.

  • i want too

  • 24 girl, can you make it real for me ???

  • i always try my best to make a pure love thought

  • hi, 24 girl

    Yes, Love is much more important than sex!

  • This is what I mean! U men just start with i want tis and that and nothing sincere. This is so sad.

  • so i want find one sl 分享喜與怒

  • 24 girl, I still waiting honestly.

  • YKKy, try is not good enough because you are pretending. I guess men here wont use their real heart. You know it hurts because we girls wants love more than sex. Why is it you guys are afraid to love?

  • Sugizo69, i see you on every post trying hard to get something.

  • 24 girl, sex is a part of the relationship.

    But, most people can't let it go completely.

    You can see there are so many cases here, even gals and guys here, they are married, but havn't got good sex-life.

    And find SL, SP here.

    Can we just talk "love" without sex ??

    Find the answer yourself.

  • sugizo69, no but there is nothing to sex if there is no love. guess there is a difference in what we think here. I am just sad that is the case here. dont know why I am here and what is it that I am looking for. so sad.

  • 24, you are a bit wrong , men is just afraid resposibility to someone, actually, how many ppl (M/F) do know the principal of love?? and how to love? it is care about a person for whole life............dun you think gal (some of them) here just for jetso? i never seen in real but i belive that not impossible....

  • be frankly,

    if you want to find love in here...

    it's not impossible but the chance is very low

    because it is a sex board here

    sex is the main topic and men are driven by sex desire all the time

    and the main point is...

    men in here have their own needs and wants

    so if you doubt that no one finds love in here

    i think you will always be sad here

    or you should go to the relationship board is a better way out

    i am afraid i talked too much

    sorry about anyone who think they are insulted

  • 24 girl, yes, you are right.

    I am trying hard to find someone can be communicated.

    But, I tell you the truth, not yet.

    You think all guys here just for "cheap" sex ???

    I tell you, not all, I meet manu friends here,

    OMFG, Mantitiger, amandaywc, we have a lot of fun here, not really for the sex only.

    If I really want sex or free-lunch here,

    I better go to MK and pay.

    Do you copy that!!!!

    Please open your mind.

  • hi, 24 girl

    Can love really be eternal? The poet Robert Graves describes love as "a universal migraine", "a bright stain on the vision/blotting out reason". If that were so, I must by now be quite blind and without reason, for I have been in love not a few times. It is, after all, a thrilling sensation, with all the clichés about it ringing true. When you're in love, you see the world with new eyes. Everything feels almost unbearably light, and life can never be more right. Everyday concerns - the mortgage, job insecurities, family problems seem so irrelevant. What matter is being with the object of your affection - that hot rush of anticipation as you wait for him, the warmth that engulfs you when you are finally together, the smugness in knowing you are loved. Can there be a nicer feeling than that?

  • 24 girl,

    the title must be change, which :

    "Why men and women here only wants sex n free meal? "

    not just :

    "Why men here only wants sex n free meal?"

  • please be fair.

  • 24 girl, you can see many ladies find SL here, even they have bf/husband, why they find SL, even SP ???

    Is it fair for their bf/husband???

    It is not just for men only!!!!

  • 24 girl, would please check all posts before you post a new thread here ???

    It would be helffull and usefull.


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