salty worm french & other frogs

  • eat dumb u ar. ask me to be not legal wife. dead salty worm french frog. u, middle east frog, cheap funny, etc. exploit & torture me to fullest to keep yrselves affluent, then marry another young chick, still not enuh, wanna ruin my name, life, marriage "FOREVER" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u ppl really devilest, most selfish & most poisonous creatures. juz use those no one knows symbols, & mix with lies, & treat as if 'oh, i already inform u'. u ppl do these things, do u expect me to juz eat it & leave things like that !!!!!!! not to say human beings, even heaven cant & wont say anything abt whatever i will do.

  • i sacrifice my life, my years, my hard work to save u biunch of 'pok gai'. yet for yr selfish greedy motives or u not like my 'not kiss ass' style, u ppl wanna ruin me, yet give to those immoral & do nothing.

    i know what u ppl doing. all those plots put forward, if i no object, u say i agree to those diminishing me fattening yourselves suggestions. yet if i object, u say i mean or they juz tests to expose my bad character.

    u ppl high status & many resources & so numerous, yet still do illegal & immoral things to kill a single woman who tremenous benefits to u. then i also can do anything without restriction. even i burnt myself to ashes, even at ALL cost, even i go down hell, i wont let u ppl walk away in peace.

  • cheap funny, u r most cheapest of all. because if not for me, not only u die already, u wont hv any of those vast wealth or anything. child ? let's see if they could grow up. i gave u so many, & JUZ because of u i get plotted severly, & u use my trust in u all along to ruin me to benefit yrself. yet at last moment, for yr jealousy or juz u not like my not gentle like gold digger women, u wanna me cant marry for rest of life, damage my relationships, wanna me no money no career ie virtually ruining my remaining life. even those who wanna kill u or make u hv nothing u give much to them, i cant imagine it's u do this to me !

  • funny

    till now i only know yr marriage is true. as yr msgs subsequently mention abt tests or funny or ad like that. u did such stupidest act, u gave so much to one who try to kill & plot u, yet u hate me to ruin me. is that yr disease make u insane !

  • u ppl wuld decide to marry someone within a day or two, or marry one u know only months, u gave tens of millions to one who try to kill u, u ruin one or think shameful one who gave u billions & save yr life & die for that. with ppl like that, i no necessity to speak to u.

  • if that scientic 'boy' is true, that means u not really rely on va, xa, or av to satisfy yr claimed 'death wish' as u all prepared per my ideas. also see what extreme selfish person u r.

  • only identity of frogs & frogess, & 'kwong kwung' in debts suit u ppl. these r yr real selfs.

  • funny, i hate them all. but i hate u most.

  • u ppl not say i judge wrongly all that. starting fr va plotting & wuld marry another when got money, av etc etc etc, i m correct all along, incredibly broke all judiciary & investigation records, even predict future !!! it's only u ppl keep denying & twisting truths. also remember the judges only judge dun need to care investigation or verifying evidence. cops only investigating case & collecting evidence but no need judge. but i do all ! it's only u lame trick to stab me & others since not concern them also not care seeing other suffer is entertaining & makes yrself more superior.

  • i wont bother u ppl anymore. i deliberately wont complete stages, & deliberately not saying anything when my 'pal' said someone had danger. u ppl fight vs trend, & fix it if u want to keep affluent.

  • treating if these ppl really culd succeed, let's see what world will become with power & resources within hands of ppl like these.

  • funny, not to say things arose becuz of u, it's u who do this. remember u r first to employ spy then other copy. & dun say ever it's for mission or else as i cant see any except a dying v greedy for everything. anyway i cant be blamed as i always one kept in dark & been cheated over & over again by prestige.

  • the whole thing extremley dangerous & soooooooooooo difficult, those doing nine death one live, & even burnt to ashes. for these extremley selfish, corrupt & goodfornothing ppl, do u think i will & do u think i shld complete it for those.

  • the whole thing extremley dangerous & soooooooooooo difficult, those doing nine death one live, & even burnt to ashes. juz for one term wb head, u say sacrifice worth ma. for these extremley selfish, corrupt & goodfornothing ppl, do u think i will & do u think i shld complete it for those.

  • ?????????????????






  • u ppl actually bankrupt, only those ignorant gold-digger ever interested. only those ignorant ppl will accuse me being golddigger to be associated with u. & with u these no loyalty ppl, i wont care anyway.

  • boy, u stop binding me. i dun wanna know their things or involve. & to say, what's use of knowing even if they r true & i get meaning.

  • funny, i see u thoroughly, everything u do, u do only for 3 aims, women child money, & the more the best. u wuld team up with as many as possible seeking many possible means at same time to fulfull yr wishes. & in doing this, u no hesitation to harm one most good to u to pls other ppl to help u.

  • with or without me, see if u culd keep all those.

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