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ODBC Error Code = 08S01 (Communication link failure)

, [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.30-community-log]MySQL server has gone away

SQL = "SELECT t.cat_id as bdid, t.topic_id, t.subject as topic, t.body, t.author_name as name,t.author_type, p.login, p.nickname, t.time_create as time_created, t.lastreply_time as last_modify, t.num_reply as reply_no, t.status_id as status, t.blk_alias FROM cm_topic t INNER JOIN cm_usr_profile p ON p.rid=t.rid WHERE t.topic_id=2014112 AND t.status_id = 0"

Data Source = "SHE_MYSQL"